22 March 2012

Voice of Reason: Interview with David Husar

Click on the screen capture to hear the interview.

I recently did an interview with Robert Stark for his 'Voice of Reason' radio show 'The Stark Truth'. Voice of Reason is the best online radio station that I know of so I was honored to participate and am pleased with the overall experience. This is the first time I have done any public speaking and am looking forward to doing more interviews which I believe will help disseminate ATWA into the world.

Next time I have the opportunity to participate in an interview I will speak more on specific things everyone can do to benefit ATWA.

The recording has a strange sort of echo at the beginning due to mountain storms interfering with the connection, the sound quality improves so keep listening.

To listen to the interview, go to Voice of Reason and be sure to bookmark the site for future shows, they have many interesting discussions on important topics.

1 comment:

v717 said...

It was a most interesting interview. I think many people who was listen lost some of their prejudices about Manson and what he stands for. And also that they hopefully got some interest in the enviromental problems that are so big in our modern society. Pollution has no frontier and therefore a one "world court order" to deal with these questions is only logical.
I´m loking forward to more interviews.