01 March 2011

Begin Again

There's a world within a world
that whirls through space
There's a timeless vacuum 
In some other place
In some other place
Is there another place?
I can see behind your face
Did you think there was?
Or was I...
Just a dream?
That passed through the night
Like a charade of colors
burned into the soul
Of all that I can feel for
all the colors of my soul
All the reals...
The time that roll the wheels of my mind
If sometimes you're dreaming
Or thinking about the past
You cant step from this moment and expect your happiness to last
And if you're sometimes wanting
Or trying to be free
Don't you know?
That in your heart you're always knowing
One can only be
If you're looking
You're never going to find
If you try to keep up
You'll be left behind
That joke is over
Go on look at the end
And begin
All over
All over again
Begin again
Begin again

- Charles Manson