''In 1967, we of the so-called "Manson Family" started the spectrum of colors into thought chambers related to the colors of the sky, earth, water, fire, plants, flowers, bugs, sea life and so on... The Earth is dying. We tried to tell you that 40 years ago but no one hears life on earth, they want it in outer space... Only a one world government will redeem ATWA on Earth...''

- Charles Manson

Charles Manson's vest

 ''Love in truth is worship and begins with worship of the earth we walk on, the air we breathe, the water we drink and so on. The country has the resources and the young and old energy alike to clean it up and provide new purpose for living, new thoughts that send a mind spiraling upward and outward, not into the drug stores, booze bottles and morgues.''
- Lynette Fromme (Red) 

Ouisch, Red, Blue and Silver

Red, Cho and Blue

''He spoke of women as earth. Woman as the earth. We're here to procreate, to bear children, to nurture children, to nurture that which gives us life, which is the earth. We must take care of the earth or there is no life for anything. It's what we call ATWA: air, trees, water and animals. The will to put our intelligence, our whole life into fixing that which we are as women. Earth. We've seen it dying. We all seen the pollution. We've seen the trees being cut. We've seen the gradual extinction of wildlife. We were aware of these things.''
- Sandra Good (Blue)

''There is, around the corner of evolution—a new experience, awareness and perception beyond anything we have yet experienced—and this itself is so feared that it has been locked up. The death of an old thought is the completion of a long line of grandmother's ways, and hard for most to let go of.'' 

- Lynette Fromme (Red)

''When the circumstances are right, everything becomes a dance. And then, there's this communication that happens on Earth between the animals and the people. And when you're in the woods, when you're some place like the redwoods - when you are in the presence of a thousand year old, or three thousand year old tree that's as big as a house, it puts you in your place. When it came to animals, he wanted to know "What are you and what do you do? He didn't say those words, but more or less, he looked at each animal as an interesting creature and he wanted to know how it lived and what it was here for. And everything has that purpose, that nice, circular balance of plant life, of animal life. We have a planet that needs all the help it can get and people are not number one, you know.'' 

- Lynette Fromme (Red) 

Lynette Fromme

Sandra Good

''Manson Is the man of god people always condemn and punish for telling the truth they never want to hear. Manson is not in society and never has been any part of schools, churches, or governments. He's been in cages over sixty-five years because he won't give in to them.''
- Sandra Good (Blue)

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