04 April 2009


''Start yourself a nice garden, for times will be trying sooner than you can think it.'' - Charles Manson, 1973 ''Old witches from the mountains yell 'REVOLUTION AGAINST POLLUTION - IT'S THE ONLY SOLUTION!'' - Charles Manson, 1985 ''War on pollution, war on the problem, not war on life.'' - Charles Manson, 1995 ''We don't need to be setting cars on fire, we need to be planting gardens.'' - Charles Manson, 2007 Charles Manson has been calling for a One World Garden since the 1970's. What is a One World Garden? Use your imagination. The intelligent and creative will understand, those willing to work and plant will survive, dig? When the grocery store no longer has nutritious food or closes down do you have seeds and a shovel? Or have you been too busy pondering world problems to save your own life? Those of us who wish to live have a garden and are now starting this years cycle, if you aren't doing the same you may want to consider it, not only for the food but for the seeds for the gardens of the coming seasons. Spare the doom and gloom, get off the computers and cell phones and get out into the light and WORK FOR LIFE. I just planted my first seeds of this season today, I am not meaning to preach, I am simply saying we can no longer count on the industries and governments to feed us. The true revolution will not come from violence or information but from under the ground. As the seed starts underground so did Manson's rebirth movement, his ecological vision of EARTH-BALANCE and NATURAL ORDER - ATWA.