17 December 2011

Natural Order

Lynette Fromme, from the documentary 'Manson'.
''Natural Order is not up for debate, it exists independent of our thinking and is as physical a reality as gravity''
- Lynette Fromme (Red)

04 December 2011

Behold the Nudibranch

This group includes some of the most colorful, beautiful creatures on Earth, the Nudibranch, some are toxic to predators. A Nudibranch is a member of what is now a taxonomic clade, and what was previously a suborder, of soft-bodied, marine gastropod mollusks which shed their shell after their larval stage. The word "Nudibranch" comes from the Latin nudus, naked, and the Greek brankhia, gills. Nudibranchs are hermaphroditic, and thus have a set of reproductive organs for both sexes, but like you, they cannot fertilize themselves. Nudibranchs deposit their Nudibranch eggs within a gelatinous Nudibranch spiral.
Nudibranchs are often casually called "sea slug", this is of course utter foolishness, many sea slugs belong to several taxonomic groups which are not related to Nudibranchs. A number of these other sea slugs (such as the colorful Aglajidae) are often confused with Nudibranchs, this confusion must come to an end. All known nudibranchs are carnivorous and official members of the Order of ATWA.
The Nudibranch reminds me of a women I love, for when she told me about the Nudibranch, I thought, Nudibranch? What the hell is a Nudibranch? I was soon to find out and so are you.

23 November 2011

November Report: Music

Charles Manson Music Blog

Starting this November, I will be reporting things moving in and around ATWA, this first report is about Charles Manson's Music. 
The Charles Manson Music Blog has a new administrator and is in the process of being regenerated so keep an eye there. The blog features news about Charles Manson's music as well as several free downloads of the various out of print albums and bootlegs various people have put out over the years.

'Horsefly' by Charles Manson

There are two new Manson releases out, 'Horsefly' a 7'' collectors item in an elaborate presentation with a gatefold sleeve and inserts which was put together by the Zou. this recording is sixteen minutes and sixteen seconds, unedited. A beautifully intense moment marked in time. The bone colored limited edition version has already sold out but you can still order the black vinyl version directly from the Zou. 

'Trees' by Charles Manson

'Trees' the second installment in the Air, Trees, Water, Animals series released by Magic Bullet, 'Air' is also available from Magic Bullet Records. i have not seen or heard trees yet.

Death in June
In an interview with Death in June regarding their last album 'A Peaceful Snow', Douglas P. mentions Charles Manson and ATWA:
'' Some are beyond redemption – and illumination. They truly walk the track of the hunted strewn with mines and booby traps of their own making and I look forward to watching them become ever more crippled and disabled. Dogs of the lowest order eating their own shit don’t deserve any photos. Certainly it’s not something I’d like to see in public. Does anyone? The lying, deceitful, coarse and vulgar display themselves for what they truly are so don’t need any help from me. Charlie Manson would ‘X’ people from his Life which, as history has shown, was very effective. Besides ATWA it was another good idea of his. Charlie certainly had a few.'' 
- Douglas P., Death in June
Thanks to Douglas for mentioning ATWA and for decades of devotion to his music and vision.
That's all for November, we welcome in December as Autumn turns to Winter.
- Hawk

22 November 2011

Humans A.D.

What if the Human race vanished? What would happen to the Earth?

No Surrender

The truth is honor, and honor is the truth. Without either, you're both in trouble...

They've lost that. I haven't lost mine, I just haven't surrendered. I'm standing here in 1944. They say the war's over, but I don't believe it. No one told me it was over. No one that was in the truth told me it was over. All the liars went down the road and said it was over, but no one that I knew that was telling me the truth said it was over. So I guess it's not over, as far as I'm concerned... you've got to start all over, see? And in starting all over, you see that other people started all over. 

Survival is the center in the vortex of justice. So to serve survival, we must start all over, and take stock on all the graveyards, and look at why have we been fighting all these years? What have we been struggling for? They always cover it up, and never let us really know what the problem is. They'll cover it up with all kinds of confusion, and never let the children know what's really going on. They just buy and sell their blood, and the United States won't even give their own children the benefit of their own rights which their fathers fought for and the graveyards are filled with our fathers and our brothers and all the veterans and people who fought for us, and then when we come back, our government doesn't appreciate it. They don't have any gratitude at all. all they do is buy and sell us on the other end - we've got not voice, the people have got no voice. The government is supposed to be 'We the People', but it's not 'We the People'; the government has already been bought and sold. They've already sold our government. 

The only chance we've got at survival is to pick back up the same thoughts that our fathers had and raise it up from the grave - change the guards. Change the guns. stand the men up to attention again, put them out in the field of honor, and start all over again. It's like a cake that you've got, that's turned bad. you've got to cut some of it off the edge, so, which edge are you going to cut? You've got to cut the edge that's holding the deception, that's holding the lies, that's holding the confusion, that's holding the brainwash. 

Any man, any person, with any mind, at all, if you break it all down and boil it all down -- what does it all boil down to? The people that are rolling your money. The people that are controlling your money. The people that are controlling your media. The people that are controlling your music. The people that are controlling yours books, your mind, your legal perspectives. They're in control of your judges. They're in control of your courts. They're in control of your lawyers. They're in control of your mind. They're charging you rent to live in your own brain... in other words, like, you're all dead. 

The only thing that's worth anything is the graveyard. The graveyard is the only thing that's worth a fuck. the rest of it is a bunch of horseshit. Where's our rights? Where's our honor? Where's our world? I got it, down here at the bottom. There's nobody home. The light's on. The radio's playing, but it's still playing - I could still hear 1944 - I could still hear 1943. Nothing's changed. Not in my world. It's still now - and the same now that was now in the battlefields, and laying in the graveyards, so go over in the graves and pick your now up. Pick your battlefield up. Pick your army up. Pick your MAC up. Pick your names up. I haven't got any aspirations, but I know. I see. I'm aware. I understand what God is, and I know he lives in man. But if you don't wake up pretty soon, there's going to be nothing left to wake up to.
- Charles Manson

11 November 2011

A Prisoner of War: To Every Man That Has a Mind

Charles Manson being interviewed in handcuffs by the BBC in 1991. Manson used this platform to speak to the world, giving more information and insight then was generally common in interviews with media in the United States. The statement found in this interview and transcribed below regarding the Nuremberg trials in which 6000 German soldiers were hanged for obeying orders. Shortly after this interview Manson and others close to him cut off the media, rejecting all requests for interviews.  Please listen to 5:44 onward, his words spoken off the cuff ring true to the aware and defiant. 

''I want to say this to every man that has a mind, 

to all the intelligent life forms that exist on this planet Earth. 

I wish really to say this to the Scottish Rites, and the Masons and all the people with minds who have degrees of knowledge and are aware of courts, laws, United Nations, governments. 

In the Forties we had a war. And all of our economies went towards this war effort. The war ended, on one level, but we wouldn't let it end on the other levels. We kept buying and selling this war. I'm not locked in a penitentiary for crimes, I'm locked in the Second World War. I'm locked in the Second World War with this decision to bring to the world court, there must be one world court, or we're all going to be devoured by crime. Crime, and the definition of crime, comes from Nuremberg, when the judges decided that they wanted to call Second World War a crime. Honor and war is not a crime. When you go to war and you're a soldier and you fight for your god and your country, that's not criminal. That's honorable. That's what you must do to be a man. If you don't fight for your god and your country, you're not worth anything. If you have no honor, then you're not worth Patty's pig. Truth is, we've got to overturn the decision that you made in the Second World War, or the Second World War will never end. Decrees of the war were written in Switzerland, in Geneva, the conferences that were made, by the men at the tables, clearly stated that anyone in uniform would be given the respect of their rank and their uniforms. Then, when the United States won the war, and got all the Germans in handcuffs, they started breaking their own rules. And they've been breaking their own rules ever since. 

War is not a crime. But if you judge war as a crime, from a court room, then turn around. If two and three is five, then three and two is five. If you say war is a crime, then crime becomes your war. I am, by all standards, a prisoner of war. I have been a prisoner of war since 1944, in juvenile hall, for setting the school building on fire in Indianapolis, Indiana. I've been locked up 45 years trying to figure out how I got to be a criminal. It matters not whether I want to be.... You've got to keep criminals going to keep the war going because that's the economy. Your whole economy is based on war. You've got to get your dollar bills off the war, you got to take your silver markets sterling off the war. You've got to take your gold and your diamonds off the war. You've got to overturn that decision that hung six thousand men by the neck. You killed six thousand soldiers for obeying orders. That's wrong, and the world has got to accept they're wrong. If you accept you're wrong, and you say you're sorry for all the things you've done, then I'll be a note in that chord, and maybe we can get some harmony going on this planet earth now.'' - Charles Manson

Charles Manson, BBC Interview
 I'm not easily stirred, emotionally... But I could not watch this without feeling all this intensity in my soul. Some footage is just more powerful than others, in terms of what it communicates, and how it resonates. It's not exactly sadness or anger or anything one can so easily classify, though it is this and so much more. Words just fall short. It's the same thing I feel when I see a wild creature locked down in a cage, or how it would've felt to witness any good man or woman throughout the whole of human history be condemned to death by a court of infinite inferiors. 

We know in our hearts that it steals nothing from majesty, since that realm is greater than the transient rule of these petty, pitiful, lifeless accusers, but it's the strange, deeply pronounced feeling of being-in-time. Like, if you can't step back from the moment, it's so overwhelming, because we see ourselves in these words here and we see alikin in those shackles if ever there was. We know that we're the world he's communicating to, and not this tomb called society. We feel it, because we are it. It's here and we're there. There is no separation. It's not a new feeling, but it's just so hard to watch him in that kind of situation without tearing up... sensing his determination, in spite of all worldly frustrations... watching how this King can't even sweep his hair out of his eyes,for he sits with his hands chained.

 It is impossible not to consider how the average, low-intelligence viewer would interpret it all -- and knowing that this distorted vision is precisely how the crooked media-money-minds intended it. It's like nobility and innocence in a pillory. The nastiest devils sit gawking and throwing stones at harmonic projections of the Absolute. It's hard to watch without a shift in pulse, because in watching, you almost feel like audience to that crime, and we want nothing of it, and we want to intervene directly, and set our lives against that entire current. I can see where the X came from -- and I know why it grew angled rays. - Vitholf

31 October 2011

The New World Order

''The New World Order comes from within.

There's no dictator or leader, we've already done all that. You see it?

We've already been Hitler and Mussolini and Stalin, we've already did all those things.
So if we don't go backwards, we just go upside down and take what's already been done and utilize it.  Utilize everything! Every drop of blood that has ever been shed in the Martyrs - we've got the Ranch because all the martyrs are doing now is blowing themselves up to get to the Ranch.''
- Charles Manson

03 October 2011

ATWA is Order

Most people don't realize what I've put forth in the last 25 years.

Because they don't live in their own minds.

 25 years ESP with 3000 men is 25 years x 3000 = That's a very big person. I got 25 x 3000 = before but in the mind of honor & forever is like - + = world of mind = the laws must come from survival of life. Life first. Then all the order that that means NOT for people, that's a no center. All life forms must be in a center balance. Making laws to save or redeem people won't help redeem shellfish or snails and that may end up the end of people also. How to see so deep under the minds of people. Look at trees as people who never move or speak and spiders as eyes inside the mind of God with zoos and pure thought of all that is. 

The people games are unreal to the real even if they are real games they are not within the real's real that rolls wheels outside money. When everything you do is wrong and nothing you ever say is real or true. When you are totally and completely full of shit. Everyone is looking for reasons to find you wrong or crazy or sick or dead. Everyone is trying to beat you at something or get over on you or get off on you and if you see and say they call it paranoia. At the same time their system is all built on winning, beat someone, run with the ball, kick the dogs, etc. I never lived in that world because I never been good enough to be a person. That's why your kind of world can't judge me because I've been the courtroom all the way back before the lies and games covered and destroyed the honor. Nature's ways are with honor. Without honor and truth you can't have order. A play on order to make up a movie is a play, a game. 

You can keep making 50,000,000 rules a day and without the authority to move the dispensation through to a procedure of righteousness, majesty, honor, and all that stuff that died in past wars and live in forever. 30 years ago I started into forever and everyone called me crazy and when I said ATWA I was a complete nut. Now the TV said they were doing all I thought in the 1964 and no matter what I thought others who had doctorate recognized university and I could never raise above a bug. If Germans are trying to survive as a little girl moral cross good. That's the game that's already in motion. Anti-Christ and taking crosses down and crucifying all who take my life may save some bugs. 

One army can do the will needed. You can pass a law that says no porno on computers and they will make another side and play laws says you can. My way would be to go crucify and hang a note saying "ATWA or go to your dead God". ATWA is like a ship and as it comes into the contingencies where life is alone and strategic awareness comes through play into a no game reality then my authority will be the kind of creationism of theocracy. I can say it but writing it is another play. 

It's like this also: The need has its head on fire running covered with blood and people don't see what they don't want to see. So 1/3 got to go and even then they are too big for a God. No one can be God if everyone wants to be God. Only when they accept me as God can they be God. As soon as I say it everyone else will run to say they are God. But they don't even have a bug on earth. I DO. As chicken head people -- a guy was burning the feelers off the cockroach and I told him "Stop" and I picked up the bug and got burned up in its place and took him out of the fire and off the wheel of people's misusing that level of life. I can set it going and coming and what people think means less and less because it's distorted patterns for money circles and not even on earth. Be me, get in my image and be God all you must do is be true. I don't want to be anything but alive. Games are gone from my minds space. One day is all and we got 1000 years to get it right. ATWA is order. MacM
- Charles Manson

12 September 2011

Living Space

The folkish commune that came to be known by the convenient media tag as "the Manson Family" could serve as an aggressive blueprint for the attainment of the most ancient and noble conquest of Lebensraum or "living-space'', a concept, no doubt at the heart of any great commune or movement that has ever been set forth apon this planet. 

The American Revolution comes to mind here, as this concept, which is the key ingredient  for the balance of a healthy, sound ecology and the survival of the species. In a manner that would be conducive with THE NATURAL ORDER OF THINGS, rather than a destructive force against this very Nature. Such undeniable truths were undoubtedly realized by all founding fathers and is a real and valid concern today now more than ever!  

One can draw parellels here between the biblical children of Ham in search of a promised land and the Deutschlander of the 1930's and 1940's and more importantly, US in the HERE and NOW for we ATWArriors are indeed a Volk ohne Raum- ''a people without a space'',  and unless each and every one of us becomes citizen soldiers to the fullest extent of the word this dream may go off into oblivion ,and with it not only the existence of the human species but the entire planet, which in turn would send such irreversible repercussions into the universe that the entire solar system would lay in peril. The redemption plan begins and ends with the attainment of a living space, and it is only the armed peasant that can and will and must WORK to see that this DREAM become a REALITY for if we fail in this respect there can be no peace, nor will we be afforded the only one true prosperity - that is the reward of living in accord with NATURE. Think about this - if the concept of "living space" was a valid enough concern for so many great and terrible revolutions and world wars of yesterday and obviously was at the forefront of Manson's mindset in the late 1960's, how much more now, at an estimated 10 billion people upon this planet, is the necesitty that such concepts become reality. This can only come through complete and absolute unyielding REVOLUTION in thought, in word and in deed - THE ONLY WAY THERE WILL EVER BE PEACE ON EARTH IS TO BE AT PEACE WITH EARTH  (ATWA WEHRBAUER). 
- Mac Bloscaidh
September 2011

Harvest Time

The fields they are a' golden, now the cycle will complete, in order to harvest the grain, you have to cut the wheat''. 
- Charles Manson, 
''Get on Home'' 

The word ''harvest'', the process or period of gathering in crops comes from the Anglo-Saxon word haverfest, "Autumn". It refers to a time between seasons of reaping and gathering grain and other garden foods along with herbs and other plants. It is also the time of canning, preserving and drying what can be saved for the winter.
The full moon nearest the autumnal equinox is called the Harvest Moon.  In the traditions of our ancestors, Harvest Festivals were often traditionally held on or near the Harvest Moon. This year of 2011, the Harvest Moon will fall on September 12, with the Sun in Virgo and the Moon in Pisces.  

In the days before electricity, farmers counted on the lamp of the Harvest Moon to gather their crops. Making up for the autumn season’s waning daylight, the Harvest Moon faithfully provides several nights of dusk-till-dawn moonlight.
Harvest Moon is a magical time in the Order of ATWA, a time of reaping what has been sown, what has grown, a reward for hard work, a time to gather, prepare and share what will be needed for the dark inward seasons on the horizons.

- Hawk
September 2011

10 September 2011

D. Landreth Seed Co. The Oldest Seed House in America


Since 1784, the D. Landreth Seed Company has been providing its customers with one of the most extensive selections of fine lawn and garden seeds in the world. Our founders introduced into the United States some of the most beloved flowers and vegetables known today including the Zinnia, the white potato, various tomatoes, and our own Bloomsdale Spinach. We have become the oldest seed house in America because we are passionate in our quest for excellence in quality, service and innovation.

The D. Landreth Seed Company is pleased to announce the issuance of its 2012 Heirloom and Vintage Seed Catalogue. This catalogue has been created and printed with the same attention to detail and the same exacting quality that our customers appreciated in the Commemorative Catalogue. The detailed histories and descriptions of our heirloom and vintage seeds have been augmented with additional historic information from our archive of antique Landreth catalogues dating back to 1839. New illustrations from the original Landreth catalogues and some favorites from the Commemorative Catalogue have been included. This catalogue contains more original historic horticultural information than any other resource currently being published. For the passionate gardener, it will be a valued resource. For the novice gardener, it is an absolutely critical tool and for anyone who is blessed with a love of history and a yearning to be in the garden, it is an exquisite gift.

Orders will be filled on a first come-first serve basis. You are welcome to order as many catalogues as you wish, but please place your orders early. The catalogues will ship starting at the end of November and throughout December. Catalogues will ship in time to be Christmas presents if requested before December 1, 2011.

Why Do We Charge For Our Catalogues?

The D. Landreth Seed Company is America's Company. It was founded near the time of the birth of this Nation and has grown with this Country through its ups and its downs over the course of four centuries: the 1700's, the 1800's, the 1900's and now the 2000's. We are honored to have been a part of this Nation for so long, and we have a deep commitment and feel a great responsibility to this Country. We could have this catalogue printed overseas, and the printing costs would be 1/4th the costs of printing the catalogue in the United States, but we are not going to take American business overseas. The catalogue is designed by a small, Baltimore-based and family-owned business, Victor DiPace Associates and it is printed by a family-owned local printing company. Producing this catalogue is far more expensive than it is for most companies who are outsourcing their printing requirements overseas. We charge for our catalogue to help with some, but not all, of the costs to produce and mail. Each catalogue that you purchase from Landreth is helping to keep an American employed and therefore making this country stronger.

09 September 2011

Golden Eye

Coming into my heart again

I an the darkness standing on the moon

Love and life I'm just a part of them
Soul soldiers never lose 'cause it's all within
The wind wins again...
and again
The eyes are the windows of my soul
I know
I know
I'll never start again...
Because I'll never end
Golden eye of the world is watching the soul tonight

As I sail my ships across the starlit sky
Low riders I know thee well
I've danced a thousand demons through the midnight hell
How can I tell ?
Who can I tell ?
Would I ?
Could I ?
Should I tell?
I tell myself
I am my own heaven
And my own Hell
- Charles Manson

06 September 2011

Beauty & Duty

Sandra Good & Lynette Fromme 
at the Hall of Justice, City of Angels, 1970
''Charlie loved us to be beautiful
and he let us be beautiful.
And he robbed us from our parents...
and he gave us back to ourselves.
And he wouldn't take us hanging on him,
he wouldn't be our leader.
He made us be strong inside ourselves
and be our own leader....'' 
- Lynette Fromme 

06 June 2011

ETTE Program

Estimated Time of Total Extinction.

The ETTE Program prints out what flowers, trees and wildlife are dropping out. I feel the people are gone and I am living in the cockroaches.


Humans are gone in another Estimated Time of Total Extinction.
If the computer had a dying program - a list of what's going off the edge into death, what it is and how's it going,  EZ.
You could also have an ETD - Estimated Time of Death, when all life will pass through the 'no rights for money' or the Aliken Program - moss is life.
- Charles Manson


01 March 2011

Begin Again

There's a world within a world
that whirls through space
There's a timeless vacuum 
In some other place
In some other place
Is there another place?
I can see behind your face
Did you think there was?
Or was I...
Just a dream?
That passed through the night
Like a charade of colors
burned into the soul
Of all that I can feel for
all the colors of my soul
All the reals...
The time that roll the wheels of my mind
If sometimes you're dreaming
Or thinking about the past
You cant step from this moment and expect your happiness to last
And if you're sometimes wanting
Or trying to be free
Don't you know?
That in your heart you're always knowing
One can only be
If you're looking
You're never going to find
If you try to keep up
You'll be left behind
That joke is over
Go on look at the end
And begin
All over
All over again
Begin again
Begin again

- Charles Manson