10 September 2011

D. Landreth Seed Co. The Oldest Seed House in America


Since 1784, the D. Landreth Seed Company has been providing its customers with one of the most extensive selections of fine lawn and garden seeds in the world. Our founders introduced into the United States some of the most beloved flowers and vegetables known today including the Zinnia, the white potato, various tomatoes, and our own Bloomsdale Spinach. We have become the oldest seed house in America because we are passionate in our quest for excellence in quality, service and innovation.

The D. Landreth Seed Company is pleased to announce the issuance of its 2012 Heirloom and Vintage Seed Catalogue. This catalogue has been created and printed with the same attention to detail and the same exacting quality that our customers appreciated in the Commemorative Catalogue. The detailed histories and descriptions of our heirloom and vintage seeds have been augmented with additional historic information from our archive of antique Landreth catalogues dating back to 1839. New illustrations from the original Landreth catalogues and some favorites from the Commemorative Catalogue have been included. This catalogue contains more original historic horticultural information than any other resource currently being published. For the passionate gardener, it will be a valued resource. For the novice gardener, it is an absolutely critical tool and for anyone who is blessed with a love of history and a yearning to be in the garden, it is an exquisite gift.

Orders will be filled on a first come-first serve basis. You are welcome to order as many catalogues as you wish, but please place your orders early. The catalogues will ship starting at the end of November and throughout December. Catalogues will ship in time to be Christmas presents if requested before December 1, 2011.

Why Do We Charge For Our Catalogues?

The D. Landreth Seed Company is America's Company. It was founded near the time of the birth of this Nation and has grown with this Country through its ups and its downs over the course of four centuries: the 1700's, the 1800's, the 1900's and now the 2000's. We are honored to have been a part of this Nation for so long, and we have a deep commitment and feel a great responsibility to this Country. We could have this catalogue printed overseas, and the printing costs would be 1/4th the costs of printing the catalogue in the United States, but we are not going to take American business overseas. The catalogue is designed by a small, Baltimore-based and family-owned business, Victor DiPace Associates and it is printed by a family-owned local printing company. Producing this catalogue is far more expensive than it is for most companies who are outsourcing their printing requirements overseas. We charge for our catalogue to help with some, but not all, of the costs to produce and mail. Each catalogue that you purchase from Landreth is helping to keep an American employed and therefore making this country stronger.

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