06 April 2007


If I were boss I would take your toys - no cars, no lights, no power plants, no electricity - just a little windmill - the freeways would be bike trails and no shitting or pissing in the water. I would hang anyone who put junk in the water-no trees cut no bushes destroyed no lumber - no books or paper - no need for garbage dumps. No crime, no prisons and I would be a beast and enslave the people to ATWA - no violence on TV. No music with words, no schools but for a few - everyone with a Ph.D. - don’t give a Ph.D much meaning - a street sweeper makes more money - oh yes! No money - all computers. No work = no eat, no welfare, no retirement - I would work everyone and everything for my survival - if other countries wouldn’t do what I say, I would destroy everything and reseed it with zoos and give Earth back to the wildlife and the bugs.