25 September 2014

Charles Manson - Movies and Rock and Roll Stars

''One of our world problems is movies and rock and roll stars. They will do anything to play act the lives of and then cheat and claim the efforts of others, steal their music, have them locked up in nut wards. My whole life has been played off by actors and such. We tried to bring ATWA into minds play for survival of life but the people sold it out for greed and money systems and destroyed their worlds. They will end up with no soul, no trees, no wildlife, no air or water. It's just a dream and god is the mind or the way we see, hear, taste, and feel. Try to understand all is one and only one can fix earth.'' - Charles Manson

23 September 2014

Family Jams | Always is Always Forever

''Later the guys started composing a lot of new songs in the desert. They tripped and came to a lot of thoughts based upon their awareness, their knowIedge, and an old Hopi Indian who didn't even talk -- he just smiled.The songs explain it better than I could. l believe that they had tuned into "Now", the endIess space of what was, what is, and what could be. They read the traiIs.''
- Lynette Fromme (Red)

Charles Manson | Eternal Wind

20 September 2014

An Illusion of Life

Dead Can Dance - Spleen and Ideal

The Cardinal Sin by Dead Can Dance

Sail to the stars
On your shining desires

"Reasons? There are none"
Cried the whisky laden brain
"When all is said and done
It amounts to just the same"

There in your starry eyes
Lie hopes that have been betrayed

The cause of your desire
Can also lead to your demise
When all is said and done
It will be you who pays the price

As countless fools
Are often loath to testify
"It's an illusion of life
The whole cause of our demise"

Sail to the stars
On your shining desires

Lucretia waits in vain
For the child of her dreams
Within her aching womb
There burns a funeral pyre

There in your starry eyes
Lie hopes that have been betrayed

The prize that you claim
Can never be yours to take
Like castles in Spain
Hope is all that will remain

Abstain from the fools paradise
It's an illusion of life
The whole cause of our desire

(As countless) fools
Are often loath to testify
"It's an illusion of life
The whole cause of our demise"

Contemplate the world
And its traitors to the soul
The forces of derision
And its legions manifold

Usurpers of the crown
All pretenders to the throne
Your world is linked in chains
"All in one, one in all"

All in one, one in all
All in one, one in all
All in one, one in all
All in one, one in all

All in one, one in all
All in one, one in all
All in one, one in all
All in one, one in all

(As countless) fools
Are often loath to testify
"It's an illusion of life
The whole cause of our demise"

It's an illusion of life
It's an illusion of life
It's an illusion of life
It's an illusion of life

19 September 2014

Charles Manson | ATWA | The Good Minds (Scottish Trip)

This video is about The Good Minds.

Holy Loch, Argyll and Bute
 is a saltwater loch opening into the Firth of Clyde.

A Letter from Scotland:

Dear Sir,
I was wondering if you could give me some advice on how to go about telling people about the dangers on pollution. The reason I want information is this: For 30 years the U.S. Navy was based at the Holy Loch here at Dunoon and they left a lot of debris, i.e. petrol, toxic waste, and such like. Well the local council wants to remove it and some people including myself want it left because if removed there is a 75% chance of more pollutants than if it was left. So I would like to know how I could let these people know of the dangers involved and the destruction it would cause to the surrounding wildlife. I hope that you will be able to offer me some advice as I would be most grateful to you. I wish you all at ATWA every success in every project that you get involved in.
Yours Sincerely, (signed)

Charles Manson

Manson's response:
Sad as it could seem to some, fear is the big must. People have grown as big as God for they fear not. Not the loss of clean water or clean air. They sacrifice nature for a few dollars. Money holds and feeds on fears of little minds who for the most part have already been bought and sold and have no care about the nest or the crow or its egg. You could run to the deserts of earth and try to get back under LIFE as bugs and let the water's spirit deal with its death on the come for who misused the waters of all life. I started a new world with old ways made new in a rebirth in my life (world). I would need to see what you're saying before I could be real and right on. You could make a temple of covering it up for the next 50 thousand years and teach your kids to teach their kids to never open a cover up. People for the most part believe in no one or nothing because they don't believe in their own words. So your words would mean less unless they know and DEEP understand it was their life, not a T.V. show or vote for office or money mind selling tape recorder heads. Holy has great meanings, but people have unhooked the real’s real of the steel wheels that came from the minds and soul of Scotland and ALL ATWA. All the way alive. Air Trees Water Animals.

One World. One Body of people who want to live on earth. Some people will sell you hope and game you. Hope is for little minds without centers. Hope in one hand, shit in the other and its about the same. You could try to tell the people; I feel that would take one third of the people to be crucified and left for the two thirds to see and learn from. That's if you loved them enough to pick up a job that big. Or, run and let the dead find their own way. All men in their end (from my point of view) must turn to soulhome. My soulhome is all I know. Not what I was told. Hell man, there may not be a Scotland. More Scots live all over earth. I could spend a lifetime at Scotty’s Castle in Death Valley desert -- nice, sushine -- and start a new Scotland . TRUE it's been done over and over.

I sent off into the soul of Man. Scots have always been on the creative Frontiers of thoughts and life, pirates of the seas, bottom of prisons, and souls of rebels. I've been in prison halls 50 years and I've learned a lot. One thing is if you care they call you crazy and will put you in nut wards and even make you take drugs that drive you mad. Because when you or someone is real and has concern, others fear they may be called up to give and giving goes with living and dead brains don't want to be in a rocking boat. Fear holds people locked in World Wars.

U.S.A. is at war with all life in ways beyond most other countries. The only way to clean up ATWA is a one world trip. You can't stop cutting trees in one place and cut in another or clean up one river and dump in the other. You GOT TO THINK WORLD and if it's a power trip it will fall to more war and more discord. It must be in ONE 4 ATWA. Even in that thought there are distorted people who twist it and say it’s a race mix and we can only save earth if you give us the pussy. Then it's taken off for bunk bunkum.

Bottom line is I don't see people surviving. Maybe a few who got a new thing under the sea or deep in the earth with some kind of sub trip, and even that would be a time thing. People are destroying the life supports and you can't shake them. Show them death and throw blood on them and they will put a for sale sign on it and sacrifice a generation of kids for movies and T.V. shows. When one takes what should be done in real life and makes a movie, spends money for a cardboard set when it should of been steel and real, then the money's gone, and people got rich. The real slips into play acting. It's as if all the birds in the sky were eggs yesterday as all the old people were children and the acting has taken the real from the wheel. We are children playing the faces of dead and as I am timeless in soul I must be Mac Man Son, servant to life. 
Easy, Mac Manson

14 September 2014

Charles Manson - America's Scapegoat

''You can try to kill me a million times more but you cannot kill soul. Truth was, is, and will always be. You have beaten me, broken my neck, knocked my teeth out. You've drugged me for years, dragging me up and down prison hallways, laying my head on every chopping block you've got in this state, chained me, burnt me, but you cannot defeat me. All you can do is destroy yourselves with your own judgments.''
- Charles Manson

07 September 2014

Huichol Art

Huichol Art dates back millenia. During spiritual rituals Shaman have visions which are then transcribed into beaded carvings and yarn art.

Huichol art is personal and captivating, with intricate designs, vibrant colors and sacred symbols. It is an expression of deeply held spiritual beliefs.

In the Huichol culture, art and religion are inextricable. The shaman links the community with the spirit world, from where their creativity pours forth as a gift from their deified ancestors - to be given back as offerings to the gods.


Each year, the Huichol embark on pilgrimages to the sacred land of Wirikuta to hunt the "Blue Deer" (peyote, a desert cactus with hallucinogenic properties).

The pilgrims - individuals and families, young and old - bring offerings in return for the gift of making art and entering the priesthood. The ceremonial offerings - pictures, masks and candles - are considered material forms of prayer.

The Huichol believe their deified ancient ancestors, the First People, once dwelled in the Wirikuta desert and were driven out into the Sierra Madre Occidental to live a mortal agrarian existence. The pilgrims, led by a mara'akame(shaman) to cleanse the way, travel 600 miles round trip to re-enter the sacred land.

During the trip, they perform a series of rituals and ceremonies to transform themselves into deities. At different locations, they adopt more and more of their divine identities and assume the feelings and attitudes attributed to the First People.

If the ceremonial thoughts and actions are properly performed, the peyote will be found and "slain" with a bow and arrow. A slice of peyote will be given to each of the peyoteros who will then have their own personal visions. They will talk to God, receive instructions and will, thereafter, sing, cure, or create.

This moment of sharing the peyote is the fulfillment of the highest goals in Huichol religious life. They have traveled to paradise, transformed themselves into deities and communed with the gods, and then return as mortals.

From the ecstasy of that experience the artwork of the people is born.

Divine Art

For the Huichol people, art is a means of encoding and channeling sacred knowledge. It is considered a form of prayer, providing direct communion with the sacred realm.

The Huichol use beads, yarn and wood in their imaginative work, creating elegant beaded jewelry, spiritual masks, votive bowls known as rukuri and animal figures. Every item carries heavily symbolic, esoteric and beautifully rendered symbols.

There are several prominent symbols featured in Huichol art.

Jicuri, the peyote plant, is considered the plant of life, promoting harmonious relations with the gods. It is often represented as the original ear of corn because both carry the colors of white, yellowish green, red and blue. Other times, jicuri is represented as antlers, which is a symbol of the first jicuri.

The serpent is also highly revered for its protection of corn and peyote by eating rodents and pests harmful to harvest. Four female deities are represented by the serpent, and the Mother Goddess of the Sea is pictured as a huge, coiled serpent forming herself into a cyclical storm cloud from which rain falls. The Huichol believe that rain itself consists of millions of small snakes.

Takutzi Nakahue, mother of all gods and of corn, is symbolized by the sacred tree, the armadillo, the bear, the water serpent and rain. Tamat’s Kauyumari, the older brother who shaped the world, often appears as deer, coyote, the pine tree or a whirlwind.

05 September 2014

Charles Manson - As Big as our Minds

Charles Manson

''Check this hard. If I never leave the cell, this is the thought the C.D.C. is creating. Because the world needs killers. I've set in thoughts so deep and strained out with sweat and millions of people running through my mind dying and being born; the fear so thick others can't even walk past my cell. If everything you seen was gone tomorrow, no one would notice. It was only as big as our minds. If World War I was a tear out of one eye and World War II, a tear out of the other eye and I was all the pyramids and all the Pharroahs, Greeks, and the peak of China at its best, it wouldn't touch just what pollution is created by jets. To stop oil, money, lumber, and put 50 hundred million people in line with a new life style with no waste in the air or water... In the 1960s I was reacting to a world I seen so little of. I learned that one little misunderstanding about 1776 or one thought you believed that came from some other center can put your ship on the rocks. You must be 100% reborn and believe nothing. That's not easy to do just within the inner self much less deal with the world and OVER ALL money and overall heads that ever were in ALL time - all graves.''
 - Charles Manson 

03 September 2014

Charles Manson - Born into a Puzzle

Charles Manson

''Born into a puzzle -- a piece at a time and few ever seen the whole thing and how can you tell or yell to 3 corners of the universe from one corner saying "Hey! There are 4 corners to this wheel and because of people's loss of faith and I only got 3 when I had 4!"
- Charles Manson

01 September 2014

Charles Manson - Black Widow Letter

Knowing's known, going's gone - wind's music the tides for sure. 
Feeling's felt snow melting. 
Word's said, meaning's change.
No matter what you think is just a pattern in your brain - don't strain. 
It's never the way other than what it is.
A T W A  
Air =LIFE in our farms. 
TREE First for the life we are, I'm a tree or not at all.
MAN don't get caught up in what others taught you to THINK. 
When you become God you're all that trash anyway.
Ch Mac Manson
Nice art. Send me some pictures of the girls.