31 October 2011

The New World Order

''The New World Order comes from within.

There's no dictator or leader, we've already done all that. You see it?

We've already been Hitler and Mussolini and Stalin, we've already did all those things.
So if we don't go backwards, we just go upside down and take what's already been done and utilize it.  Utilize everything! Every drop of blood that has ever been shed in the Martyrs - we've got the Ranch because all the martyrs are doing now is blowing themselves up to get to the Ranch.''
- Charles Manson

03 October 2011

ATWA is Order

Most people don't realize what I've put forth in the last 25 years.

Because they don't live in their own minds.

 25 years ESP with 3000 men is 25 years x 3000 = That's a very big person. I got 25 x 3000 = before but in the mind of honor & forever is like - + = world of mind = the laws must come from survival of life. Life first. Then all the order that that means NOT for people, that's a no center. All life forms must be in a center balance. Making laws to save or redeem people won't help redeem shellfish or snails and that may end up the end of people also. How to see so deep under the minds of people. Look at trees as people who never move or speak and spiders as eyes inside the mind of God with zoos and pure thought of all that is. 

The people games are unreal to the real even if they are real games they are not within the real's real that rolls wheels outside money. When everything you do is wrong and nothing you ever say is real or true. When you are totally and completely full of shit. Everyone is looking for reasons to find you wrong or crazy or sick or dead. Everyone is trying to beat you at something or get over on you or get off on you and if you see and say they call it paranoia. At the same time their system is all built on winning, beat someone, run with the ball, kick the dogs, etc. I never lived in that world because I never been good enough to be a person. That's why your kind of world can't judge me because I've been the courtroom all the way back before the lies and games covered and destroyed the honor. Nature's ways are with honor. Without honor and truth you can't have order. A play on order to make up a movie is a play, a game. 

You can keep making 50,000,000 rules a day and without the authority to move the dispensation through to a procedure of righteousness, majesty, honor, and all that stuff that died in past wars and live in forever. 30 years ago I started into forever and everyone called me crazy and when I said ATWA I was a complete nut. Now the TV said they were doing all I thought in the 1964 and no matter what I thought others who had doctorate recognized university and I could never raise above a bug. If Germans are trying to survive as a little girl moral cross good. That's the game that's already in motion. Anti-Christ and taking crosses down and crucifying all who take my life may save some bugs. 

One army can do the will needed. You can pass a law that says no porno on computers and they will make another side and play laws says you can. My way would be to go crucify and hang a note saying "ATWA or go to your dead God". ATWA is like a ship and as it comes into the contingencies where life is alone and strategic awareness comes through play into a no game reality then my authority will be the kind of creationism of theocracy. I can say it but writing it is another play. 

It's like this also: The need has its head on fire running covered with blood and people don't see what they don't want to see. So 1/3 got to go and even then they are too big for a God. No one can be God if everyone wants to be God. Only when they accept me as God can they be God. As soon as I say it everyone else will run to say they are God. But they don't even have a bug on earth. I DO. As chicken head people -- a guy was burning the feelers off the cockroach and I told him "Stop" and I picked up the bug and got burned up in its place and took him out of the fire and off the wheel of people's misusing that level of life. I can set it going and coming and what people think means less and less because it's distorted patterns for money circles and not even on earth. Be me, get in my image and be God all you must do is be true. I don't want to be anything but alive. Games are gone from my minds space. One day is all and we got 1000 years to get it right. ATWA is order. MacM
- Charles Manson