31 October 2011

The New World Order

''The New World Order comes from within.

There's no dictator or leader, we've already done all that. You see it?

We've already been Hitler and Mussolini and Stalin, we've already did all those things.
So if we don't go backwards, we just go upside down and take what's already been done and utilize it.  Utilize everything! Every drop of blood that has ever been shed in the Martyrs - we've got the Ranch because all the martyrs are doing now is blowing themselves up to get to the Ranch.''
- Charles Manson

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v717 said...

Yes, the Martyred saints have locked up the cells of the inner-self and is moving onwards to new horizons. Such horizons has never before seen the light of day since mankind forgot itself and lost contact with mother earth.
In the Greek mythology there was a mighty giant called Antaios. Antaios was the son of Poseidon and Gaia. As long as Antaios remained in contact with mother earth he was invincible.
Manson is Antaios and The New World Order is about to regenerate that old covenant between mankind and Gaia.