08 May 2007

Can the World be Redeemed?

The mind brains’ patterns will believe and respond to what it’s told and shown by the power of God; with as much power/force as told and completed without doubt. When it’s given no choice or reason, to doubt or fear, it just becomes what is. All the people who think the world cannot be redeemed - their minds brains’ patterns too must change, by and with the willpower of God, totally and completely, or they must be taken from the world. They think to and for, with and about people/human. The world is only there in their minds’ pattern thinking. It is not the will of the mind of the person, it is the mind-body-soul of all life as one existence.

You do or die. God is life just as much as God is death. You will live or die, you are, and will remain, or you will pass away. The wheel will complete. All will live and continue. Peace on Earth. Problem: The big problem is the people, like from New York, in the psychiatric center of what they want to change; after they’ve blown themselves up by hesitating and wasting time with images and movies,and selling the will of God. The people who over-do the will over on the already broken. “When somebody’s already broken, and they’ll do anything you want them to do, and you play doctor on those people, you’re only destroying yourself. In other words, you’re doing everything I tell you to do, and I’m telling you you’re all screwed up. I’m only talking to the mirror on the wall.” With their need to be or play-act somebody with a doctors’ control, in the name of “I’m helping you”, they keep their own head up their own darkness. They force drugs on people that know more than they do, and are more advanced, before they will accept the truth about the idiocy that they are practicing in the name of medicine.

- Charles Manson, 2006