International People's Court of Retribution

''The IPCR is the green field with a red bull. Until you all accept one God, one government, one order, there will be no order.'' 
- Charles Manson, 1986 Statement

''Born into this imbalanced world of women's law in 1967, carrying Truth over the threshold, he met thousands of young in the streets. I was one of them. He stood our words up in Truth. He never broke our wills. We put up our lives, and the symbol of one finger as alternative to anarchy. He knew what anarchy would do to the Earth. She has been treated like he has, by people too proud to look and too scared to see. He was thinking Earth-Balance before I was born, and in the 1950's he set the thought for International People's Court of Retribution so that everyone will know what they've done to air, land, water and the soul of the Earth.''
Lynette Fromme (Red), 1977

Lynette Fromme's Trial Statement

In order of due process

I am co-counsel and as co-counsel I have the right to represent myself, speak for myself and conduct myself and my trial by myself in my best interests and the interests of my family (what they want me to do, I'll do.) The red robe is their sacrifice. I cannot wear it without their permission. I cannot go to trial as they were not given a fair trial. I came here to plead for the lives of my family, my children and the earth- my plea was innocent.

"YOUR HONOR, my defense is the defense of the world,"

Lynette Fromme (Red), Trial 1977

Sandra Good | IPCR | 1975

Excerpts from Sandra Good's Radio Interviews 1975

New Orleans Luisiana:
''You need to be willing to change. There is a solution for every problem. This country has manifold problems. Madness is coming. I love the earth and I love the children and I love the animals and I love the working people of this country. I do and I'm not gonna abandon anybody and my family in prison. I 'm not, I'm not leaving, anybody. I'm not leaving the earth for your bloodthirsty money-miinded robot minds to tear up. No, there's too many people who love this earth. Too many people who love it and won't.... and won't... and there's other things moving of a cosmic nature. There are many things in what you don't know rather than what you think you know that are moving. Many many cosmic things are afoot. Many thoughts have been set on earth...''

Altoona Pennsylvania:
''The International People's Court is a wave of assassins of some 2,000 people throughout the world who love the earth, the working people, the children, and their own lives. They have been silently watching executives and chairmen of the boards and their wives, of companies and industries, that in any way harm the air, the water, the earth, and the wildlife of the world. Any woman who puts money, social position, and her looks, based on television and magazine images, over the well-being of the earth and children, is subject to being treated as she has allowed the earth to be treated. Any woman who uses her body to control, or to sell products harmful to the people and the environment, will be visciously maimed. Anyone who advertises or manufactures food or drugs injurious to the people's health will be killed. Media executives and their wives who allow the flow of distorted sex and violence through the media into the minds of millions of people will be subject to the violence they have been selling to the people in the form of entertainment. New jobs must be given to people of the United States that serve and heal the earth rather than destroy it. Executives, put all your money and technological know-how into cleaning up what you have destroyed. Your time is running out. Environmental groups and wildlife protection groups will be held to account to the International People's Court for all they say they are doing for the earth and wildlife. There are fake breakers watching you. The air, the water, the trees, and the wildlife are parts of the Manson Family. The International People's Court holds day court and night court.''

IPCR - warning letter.

IPCR Warning Letters to Corporate Executive

The following is a sampling of the thousands of warning letters which were prepared to be mailed to corporate executives at the time Sandra Good (Blue) was arrested in December, 1975. Since these letters were introduced as evidence at Blue's subsequent trial, they are a matter of public record. They are presented here for their historic significance.

Letter to the Steel Industry:
Knowing the years of old time have set your mind, it may not seem easy to accept yet look you fact is big change is imperative for overall survival. To save Earth and economy I felt the need to take very strong actions. Necessity dictates we stop the wheels of traditional industry and set in reverse. The working people should not be hurt by change. They should profit and be relieved by it. Feel your pulse. We do not need anymore steel. Your blood is necessary. We do not need more construction. The balance of Earth is off. We do not need paper $ to fix it but a system based on what is necessary. New money system will be set. You will give up old system in exchange for your life. You may be willing to put your life and the lives of your family on the line for jobs that are unnecessary and harmful to life, and if you chose a self-destructive course, others will help you reach your goal to save the rest of us from the mad men and women even thinking of doing anything that pollutes or stands in the way of the balance of our Earth. I have many children with knives who love the earth and want to live. I have passed an order to them that anyone responsible for murdering any part of our family of life on Earth is subject to steel tooth death with no mercy.

Letter to a Logging Company:
Anyone who cuts redwoods or is associated with anyone cutting redwoods will be subject to a young man getting out of the nut house soon. His name is Crazy Horse, AKA Manson Jr. This will be considered an unreal joke until you find someone you love as much as I love each redwood as a member of my family. My woman is a redwood and if you don't want your friends cut down don't cut redwoods. Test me and the Indians in my grave will be in the night of your mind with what you deserve for murdering the trees and wildlife.

Letter to Jacque Cousteau and Society:
Your knowledge of the balance of the ocean and all the waters of Earth and the people who abuse them gives you the right to kill. Because the right to kill what is killing our life would involve more bloodshed than we ourselves could perpetrate within a lifetime, you may use the name MANSON in any way that will move others to stop killing us. You may not realize the locks on the self-destructive minds of the world. If you, yourself, are putting money interests over the balance of Earth, you will soon be held to face what you have done and mutilation is not bad in comarison to the deaths of thousands of creatures which will torment their killers forever and ever. Charles Manson is in San Quentin Prison, California, because he tells the truth. He is not known by the media, and all that has been written about him is lies and the reflection of a confused world amid nightmares of its own creations. Manson was raised outside society and has no thought in it. He did not chose his position, but he sees the simple truth and hear you this: Manson is the only one in the mind and of a mind to completely turn this world from its self-destructive thought. For most minds, death is the only thing that is real. No more leaders are needed. This world has had and killed enough gods. All servants to the Earth.

Letter to a Cosmetics Company:
Any woman who cares more about what she looks like than the Earth and the people around her will soon be subject to be treated as the Earth has been treated. Steel tooth dogs will bring what you deserve for allowing the murder of our land, air, water, wildlife, and the children of the world. Bedrooms frozen as ice in your glass melts, the lipstick melts, the lips melt the face to a charred crisp concern for our world is your blood dripping unless you put all your money and energy into cleaning up the earth, and I mean now or test me and your night will be filled with sound.

Lynette Fromme's Letter to California Governor Jerry Brown 

October 7, 1975
Governor Brown,
Just because you're between a rock and a hard spot doesn't mean you will be allowed to make your bed with the money interests and compromise the body of the rest of the world by accepting the suggestion of those who insist we need nuclear power plants. 
Your excuses mean nothing, and there are five thousand women who, if threatened enough will show you what motherhood means. Do you understand me?
WE DO NOT NEED NUCLEAR POWER. We need clean air, water and land. We need the OZONE and the SUN. We need to legislate with only the BALANCE OF EARTH in mind.
There are thousands of jobs that NEED to be done and they don't involve RADIOACTIVE WASTE.
You are not showing wisdom as California's leading example. Your plans are not based on an overall knowing, nor do they reflect a will to live. You are pushed by fringe constituents that have the rest of the people bound and gagged with money.
We are not interested in money. We want the good life it is supposed to buy. If you are not bright enough to see there IS a workable alternative to Nuclear Power your name will be—Plutonium and you will need to be buried for the next hundred years.
Lynette A. Fromme
My strength is in this letter of conviction. If I could lay on my face before you, and beg, if it would move you to stop, I would. But your own lord hangs before you on a cross to say the very same thing. He already died to save it. He's not going to die forever.

Postcard from Charles Manson


Q: What was your intention when you took the gun and went out to meet President Ford?

A: It was my intention to be a voice for the Earth, to say that before all political ways of life, before class and race and gender, the earth needs to be seen and heard and fought for. The earth comes first in importance.
This was a time in history when a terrible war had just ended, when people had been in the streets all over the country protesting the war, racial injustice, gender discrimination and poverty. I saw that underneath all these social problems, the source of all life was being destroyed. The San Jose mountains were almost totally obscured by smog; you couldn't see six blocks away in L.A. Workers were shown on TV with tremors due to neurological damage sustained in chemical companies after they had been assured that the stuff was safe. Their wives stood next to them weeping because the husbands had been rendered sterile. The head of the Natural Resources Department for California had announced that in Redwood Park the tallest trees on the planet -- some as tall as a football field is long -- were in danger of falling due to erosion caused by the over- logging of adjacent private lands.
I and many others had brought these concerns to the attention of public officials, and were often met with condescending contempt. There was a war going on for Christsake! There was political upheaval! Money and jobs were in the balance. I felt that we humans were allowing the destruction of the land which had always given us life. I felt a personal responsibility for the air, trees, water and animals.

Q: Why, in particular, President Ford?

A: In a sense he came to me. I had been feeling an increasing urgency. This wasn't something that came on without thought, or -- as was later implied -- a drug-induced impulse, or mental illness, or on orders from Manson. This was in response to a spiritual calling which was beyond life and considerations of death. We had already appealed to the heads of environmental groups, corporate CEO's, an Army Corps of Engineers general and several judges -- to no avail. Who more logically next than the head of the country?
It wasn't Gerald Ford as an individual that I was approaching with my request or threat -- whichever was necessary -- but the chain of command. The very evening that I returned from San Francisco after speaking with the general, I saw President Ford on TV, getting off the plane in Sacramento. His visit was to address about 2000 area businessmen about enhancing their economic opportunities. Basically he was beginning his 1976 campaign.
Ford had never before been elected. He had been chosen for the job by President Nixon in 1973 when the Vice President, Spiro Agnew, was forced to resign after criminal wrong-doing. Then, in 1974, Nixon had resigned the presidency, also after criminal wrong-doing, and Ford had been given that job.

Q: You were convicted of attempted assassination. Was that, in fact, what you were trying to do?

A: No, it wasn't. I took the gun with me but had not decided whether to use it. I was not philosophically opposed to physical force, and had I felt it was necessary I was prepared to use it. I had decided to proceed by perception, and standing in the crowd as the President approached, I had a sense of the faith that the people as a whole invest in their leaders, and a sense of myself as simply a member of that greater body. I also knew that after an assassination, no one sees the issues or problems leading to that act. The whole focus is upon mourning, upon the martyrdom of the slain individual.
For safety reasons I had not put a bullet into the chamber, but I knew how to do it. Instead, I simply stepped through the crowd to the President and raised the gun to his midsection between his heart and stomach at about two feet distance. I was quickly bowled over, and I experienced the panic of the Secret Service agents as they repeatedly dove for the weapon that had already been confiscated. I felt completely calm and relieved, but I realized that in order to cause the necessary change I would need to allow business people to believe that there were people everywhere willing to give their lives and take the lives of others, if necessary, for the life of the planet. It is 25 years later, and I am still satisfied that I did the right thing.

Q: What role, if any, did CM play in your decision or your action?

A: Manson is the most absolute environmentalist that I've ever witnessed, and he had told the women around him that the Earth came before us and anything else in his list of priorities. Blue and I had been doing everything we knew to obtain visiting rights with him and, at the same time, to find a way of getting a new trial that would exonerate him. He began exhorting us in letters to quit trying to make him a good guy, to understand that people want and need a bad guy, and to use his bad reputation for some good. He said we could use his name in whatever way would be effective for the protection of Earth. We did. But Charlie did not plan or order or even conspire with us about our activities on behalf of ATWA. He just gave us his faith to do what we believed was right.