05 September 2014

Charles Manson - As Big as our Minds

Charles Manson

''Check this hard. If I never leave the cell, this is the thought the C.D.C. is creating. Because the world needs killers. I've set in thoughts so deep and strained out with sweat and millions of people running through my mind dying and being born; the fear so thick others can't even walk past my cell. If everything you seen was gone tomorrow, no one would notice. It was only as big as our minds. If World War I was a tear out of one eye and World War II, a tear out of the other eye and I was all the pyramids and all the Pharroahs, Greeks, and the peak of China at its best, it wouldn't touch just what pollution is created by jets. To stop oil, money, lumber, and put 50 hundred million people in line with a new life style with no waste in the air or water... In the 1960s I was reacting to a world I seen so little of. I learned that one little misunderstanding about 1776 or one thought you believed that came from some other center can put your ship on the rocks. You must be 100% reborn and believe nothing. That's not easy to do just within the inner self much less deal with the world and OVER ALL money and overall heads that ever were in ALL time - all graves.''
 - Charles Manson 

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