When did Charles Manson first become ecologically aware? - 
Manson has always been aware of the natural world. He was born into a family of hill folk of Celtic origin who lived in Korderofatwa@gmail.comentucky and West Virginia. During the depression in the 1930’s, the era in which Charles Manson was born, the petrochemical industry was founded by Union Carbide in West Virginia. The poor and hungry people of the area were faced with the option of working for the newly established chemical plants or maintain their Earth-based natural way of life. Charles Manson’s family were among those who opposed the newly established Chemical companies  and their imposition of  new roads and tunnels, schools, telephones and power lines, dams, etc. Ashland Refining Company, Armco, Allied Chemical, Wheeling-Pittsburgh Steel, and other such chemical, steel and refining companies drastically changed the traditional way of life for the peoples of the region Manson grew up in during the time of the ‘Great Depression and the ‘New Deal’. He speaks often of his Uncle Jess who insisted he stay out of ‘’those Yankee schools’’ and reject the new  way of life offered to those who worked for the companies. 
In the 1940’s and 1950’s although most of his time was spent incarcerated, Manson traveled all over the United States and visited Mexico, experiencing all types of terrain, walks and ways of life and living. Manson’s experiences in Mexico left a lasting impression on him. He spent time with indigenous people who lived on the land, without money and were happy. He journeyed with native shamans. He saw the brutality in the Plaza del Torro in the sacrifice of the bull.  In the late 1950’s he was a furlough garbageman for the U.S. Coast Guard  at Terminal Island, where he saw first hand what people throw out into the world. Sometime prior to 1967, Manson wrote the song “My World” with the lyrics “...Crazy fool, you’re always gazing at the night, with my arms around a tree, loving life with all my might...’’ The origin of the name ‘’tree-hugger’’ has it’s roots in the Chipko movement of northern India who’s actions in the early 1970’s inspired many in the burgeoning  environmental movement to adopt the appellation of tree-hugger (now often derogatory) and the action of tree-hugging as a means of protecting living trees. The practice led to modern day tree-sits. Charles Manson was singing with his arms around a tree before the term tree-hugger was coined. 
Manson was released from federal prison on the Spring Equinox of 1967, that spring grew into what has been called the ‘’Summer of Love’’. Manson, who’s nickname in the Haight-Ashbury district of San Francisco was ‘’the Gardner’’ gathered a few flower-children and traveled to the Redwoods of northern Californa through the rainforests of the Pacific Northwest to the deserts of Mojave, Arizona and New Mexico. They explored, adventured, camped and climbed all over the western part of the U.S. until settling at Spahn Ranch in the Santa Susana Mountains of California’s chaparral and woodlands bioregion Striking a deal with the ranch’s owner to help maintain the ranch by taking care of 83 horses, and numerous other animals, Manson and his campfire band sometimes known as ‘the Family Jams’ lived a rugged, spartan life without electricity, television or other modern luxuries. They used no clocks or calendars, relying on the sun and moon to tell time. The ranch had a garden but much of the food was collected from throwaway bins at the edge of the city. Large vegetarian meals were created nightly which sometimes fed up to 40 or 50 people all from perfectly edible produce collected on ‘’garbage runs’’. The ranch had a bathhouse,  a stream and a waterfall for washing and outhouses instead of a polluting sewer system. The ranch women gave birth naturally without doctors and wore no makeup. When Manson’s son was born he named him Sun Stone Hawk, the stone being the Earth. Animals and children were considered  sacred because of their heightened state of awareness and everyone who lived with Manson noted his profound ability to communicate with and show love and compassionate understanding towards animals. Sewing and embroidery was a cherished, creative meditation among the ranch women and the overall reality of life at the ranch was something of a new psychedelic version of old western pioneer life, In 1968, Manson and the shifting band of ranch hands took excursions into the deepest corners of Death Valley, exploring the mountains, caves, dunes and saltflats of the lowest land on Earth, eventually working to create an oasis of life far from the confusion and madness of the cities. Manson’s lyrics in the song ‘’Sick City’’ reflect this thought clearly.... (more on this to come)
Why did you create this website? - 
One World Order’ was created  to put forth to the world, Charles Manson’s vision of Earth-Balance known as ATWA, it stands in defiance to those who have sold the world a lie. It exists as an archive of Mansonite thought collected from the last 40+ years.
Why do you advocate Charles Manson? - 
Because he is infinitely wise and possesses just understanding, he is creative, honest, aware and unlike anyone on Earth.
How do I know what information about Charles Manson is accurate - 
Most information about Charles Manson is not accurate. You can find accurate information about Charles Manson here and on the sites listed on the links page. Intelligent people who study the life of Charles Manson no longer believe the things written in books such as Helter Skelter, ‘The Family’ and ‘Manson In His Own Words’, most of the information you find on the internet and in the news media comes from the lies in those books. 
Can you give me a brief summary of Manson's life and criminal history? -
Charles Manson was born in Cincinnati, Ohio on November 11, 1934. He lived with his mother until he was five years old, when she went to prison for strong-arm robbery. He then stayed with various relatives until she was released from prison in 1942. He remained with his mother until 1947, when she placed him in the Gibault School for Boys in Indiana. After ten months, Manson escaped. Captured soon after, and having committed a series of minor burglaries, he was held briefly in the Juvenile Detention Center in Indianapolis, Indiana before being sent to the famous Boys Town in Nebraska. He left after three days. Caught again, for another series of burglaries, he was then sent to Indiana School for Boys at Plainfield. He escaped from Plainfield in 1951 but was caught again, this time in a stolen car at a roadblock in Utah. This time Manson got federal time for driving a stolen car across state lines. He went first to the National Training School for Boys in Washington DC, then to the Natural Bridge Training Camp in 1951. He was transferred to the Federal Reformatory in Petersburg, Pennsylvania in 1952, then went on to the Federal Reformatory at Chillicothe, Ohio. He was finally paroled on May 8, 1954. He married Rosalie Willis in 1955. Later in 1955 he was arrested in Los Angeles, California with another stolen car and was sentenced to three years in the federal prison at Terminal Island in San Pedro, California. He was released 1958. He was arrested in 1959 for check forging, and got 10 years probation. He was arrested again in 1960 for violating the Mann Act, and his probation on the check charge was revoked. He was incarcerated for seven and a half years, mostly at McNeil Island in Washington state, before being released from Terminal Island in March of 1967. He was then out until he was arrested in October 1969 for arson and grand theft auto. In December 1969 he was charged with murder. Convicted in January, 1971, he has been incarcerated ever since.
When is Charles Manson’s next parole hearing, do you think he will get out? - 
2012, Manson has never asked for parole.
 What can I do to help the cause? - 
There are many, many things you can do to help. What are your talents and skills? What are you capable of doing? If you are serious and ready to work, if you are truthful, creative, intelligent,  centered and self-motivated than send a letter clearly explaining what you would like to contribute, who you are and your contact information.
 Is Charles Manson your leader ? - 
Look to nature to find and understand leadership. Leadership is something intrinsic and innate which is developed through adaptation to one’s surroundings and life experience. In a pack of wolves, the strongest wolf rises to the level of alpha, in a hive of bees, each bee’s role and duty is preordained by nature. Jellyfish, bears, hummingbirds and all life-forms on Earth live in one web or wheel we call ATWA. It’s all interwoven and moving in perfect harmony with the exception of the humans who are in discord with the order with the rest. True leadership is desperately needed in this world, it won’t come about through democracy, do you really trust the rabble around you to choose the leader’s who make the decisions that effect your life? In a balanced world, true leaders, like water would rise and fall as needed. In a healthy society, physically and mentally sound individuals would govern themselves and look to natural law to dictate their actions in life, forming  communities based on contribution and a common understanding. What makes a leader is one who is willing to give themselves totally to the ideals of a cause and is willing to sacrifice their own personal needs, comfort and ego. Charles Manson is not our leader, he is our best servant.
 Do you consider Charles Manson to be a prophet? - 
If you understand a prophet as being; ‘’a person who advocates or speaks in a visionary way about a new belief or cause,’’ or ‘’a person regarded as an inspired proclaimer of the will of God’’. Then you could say Manson is a prophet. The will of God is the will of life, the will of life is ATWA. On Earth, life is God’s will. God is total intelligence, the mind of all, God is all things, you are God, the sun is God, God is universal, infinite, eternal and complete. God is one. Manson is a wise man, he understands, he’s aware, tuned in and right on. Those who are true in their hearts and aware in the mind recognize Manson for who he is without need for heavy religious trips, analyzed judgement or second thought. What is, is. Shaman is probably a better word to describe Manson’s nature, in truth he is simply your reflection, whatever you see in him is inside you.
 What is the meaning of ‘One World Order’? I thought the the ‘New World Order’ is everything you stand opposed to? Are you for a one world government? - 
‘One World Order’ is the realization in the mind of the simple truth that all life on Earth is one life. There is only one world.  One Earth - one living organism of which we are a part. The natural world is in order, man’s world is not because mankind is moving against nature, against the natural order of life on Earth rather than moving in accord with natures’ laws, the humans are doing everything in ways against those laws. The ‘New World Order’ is not in order, it’s in the bank. Look at the state of the planet, if you are only thinking on the level of your nation or country then how will you stop pollution in other parts of the world? You can’t clean up one lake and dump toxic waste in the ocean, protect a forest in Lithuania and cut down the rainforest in Brazil. It must be a One World Movement, a One World Order and yes a One World Government with a One World Court, a One World Military and a One World Economy.
 What is Manson’s rightful place in the world? - 
If Manson’s wisdom and natural authority were recognized he would be part of a World Court set to align the world of man’s creation in accord with natural order. Manson has the intelligence and will to stop the wars of the world by redirecting the war against pollution.