20 February 2010

One and One

Charles Manson

This is a statement.  This is a new statement for the media that I’m involved in:
A person, or a body of people, I’m talking to the body of people.  My media, the media that I’m involved in.   All the people that listen to my thoughts and have consideration for the life that I’m living in.  My life is their life and their life is mine.  Am I communicating?
The person, or a body of people who have thought, are that thought.  If a religion or church, person or body of people think they are the only church, that there is no other god or church but them, that thought is thinking there is another.  That way of thinking that thought is thinking there is another, and that other that they are thinking is what they think.  The real God, body, Will of God, don’t think there is another.  They know there is not.  The one of God is all, and even if there is thoughts of other gods, would be all that also.  It is like, you can’t divide water with a dam because water is still water on all sides.  There is no two to God.  Two is only one in two parts.  That what says they are one must be thinking there is another.  The one don’t think there is another.  The one don’t think there is another because there is not another.  BC - Before Christ, in man's mind now, from the pyramids are becoming the coming of Christ.  And the going and falling down of the civilization is the South rising again.  One and one, it’s still one, in two parts.  The coming of love is the going of frustration and hate.  Peace of mind is in the grave, slave, and the Will of God is: going backwards.  Bin Laden is Vietcong Charlie.  Peace on Earth.  We want our peace on Earth.  The Mind of ManSon.
- Charles Manson
February 18, 2010