20 February 2010

One and One

Charles Manson

This is a statement.  This is a new statement for the media that I’m involved in:
A person, or a body of people, I’m talking to the body of people.  My media, the media that I’m involved in.   All the people that listen to my thoughts and have consideration for the life that I’m living in.  My life is their life and their life is mine.  Am I communicating?
The person, or a body of people who have thought, are that thought.  If a religion or church, person or body of people think they are the only church, that there is no other god or church but them, that thought is thinking there is another.  That way of thinking that thought is thinking there is another, and that other that they are thinking is what they think.  The real God, body, Will of God, don’t think there is another.  They know there is not.  The one of God is all, and even if there is thoughts of other gods, would be all that also.  It is like, you can’t divide water with a dam because water is still water on all sides.  There is no two to God.  Two is only one in two parts.  That what says they are one must be thinking there is another.  The one don’t think there is another.  The one don’t think there is another because there is not another.  BC - Before Christ, in man's mind now, from the pyramids are becoming the coming of Christ.  And the going and falling down of the civilization is the South rising again.  One and one, it’s still one, in two parts.  The coming of love is the going of frustration and hate.  Peace of mind is in the grave, slave, and the Will of God is: going backwards.  Bin Laden is Vietcong Charlie.  Peace on Earth.  We want our peace on Earth.  The Mind of ManSon.
- Charles Manson
February 18, 2010


v717 said...

Charles Manson belongs to a special “group” of people that indeed are rare and few throughout the history. This group of people have through the course of evolution changed on the surface so to say but the underlying “power” and the “patterns” have remained unchanged through the times We needed physical force and endurance to survive in a harsh environment that forced mankind to develop extreme features. Of some unknown reason nature added to our existence a great brain and mind This “added feature” to us, Homo Sapiens, is assumed by many modern researchers to be the reason why we survived

There have always been humans capable of extraordinary things. In the far past they where maybe elite soldiers. The mythological Achilles is another great example (drawing a parallel from David)… proving himself to be impossible to defeat by any “standard means” of fighting… only vulnerable by unconventional or “tricky” ways of defeating an opponent… the believed arrow through the famous “Achilee’s heel” in his case. These “elite soldiers are in some cases described as standing alone – swearing alliance to no one except family and close friends. Fighting for reasons that lies in their nature

During our development things have changed dramatically – WE have in a large degree changed our own reality and surroundings. The forces that are over or under us have responded. The “modern man” is defined largely by the statement “I think therefore I am”. As we left the savannah, built cities and walls, more sophisticated surroundings and cultures… the need for “brute physical force” became less needed. But the underlying force, the “core-force”, remained. After a few drinks of alcohol we are back in the past no matter how “civilized” we thought we were before that… after a few sanctions from some leader we are able to do exactly what we did back in the old days. Lets think about this concept I think therefore I am IF there is an ongoing strong development in the human race since its beginning and to this da HOW would we evolve in today’s world? HOW would a future human look like? Well here appearances are very deceiving as the THOUGHT that defines us are what matters from a strict logical perspective The definition of a future human being is therefore “I think MORE therefore I am Do you begin to understand the idea? Einstein, Tesla great thinkers in technical ways but limited to their areas of expertise. What if someone would be able to think more or even perhaps better in ways we never expected The terms never explored, invented or written down the psychology never understood by the outdated Freud the future but perhaps present and past state of mind that some few have and had, still do, and will have. It is not likely to see some strange X man running around with claws on his hands what would it serve him in today’s world It wouldn’t. Then what would? The definition of such an extreme type of human is from a logical perspective I think EVEN MORE therefore I am
Manson shared HIS world to his family giving them a brand new perspective on the world ATWA Air Trees Water Animals. The REALLY ironic thing is that Manson is the father the originals where the old people the native inhabitants of America of the modern environmental philosophy. Read his words and compare them to the climate debate of todays politicians journalists scientists and many more do they know that they are speaking the words of Charles Manson

Exactly who is Charles Manson The modern Achilles pissed off at what he is seeing in the world and how he got treated in this world. One of a small group of angels that never participated in the war in heaven, who only defended themselves I just reflect BACK against arrows and swords from both sides coming towards them in the heavenly battle who was allowed from you know who to live on earth instead of in hell after that incident
PS: I must also say I really like the video-clips that you put up on this site. They are "very artistic and done with competence.
ATWA will rule the world.

X said...

In my opinion, Charlie is a highly misunderstood man whom fascists love to pick on relentlessly. I know all too well what that feels like from a personal perspective. People are always going to talk though regardless of what the REAL truth is. Like Charlie, I too have been misunderstood and lied about. This is 1 of the main reasons I can relate to the man in general. Someone recently actually had the audacity to toss the "Crazy" label at me simply because I view Charlie in a more positive manner than those who have bought into the sensationalism. There are many positives about the man and ATWA is among them. Charlie's environmental vision is a realistic 1 and something EVERYONE needs to think about daily. I heard a clip of him once saying: "It's not a question of whether you want to fix the water, you've GOT to fix the water but nobody gives a f**k about the water they would rather worry about the money". This is a VERY true and sad reality:( If only the people would open up their eyes to the truth, this world would be a much better place to live in.