12 September 2011

Living Space

The folkish commune that came to be known by the convenient media tag as "the Manson Family" could serve as an aggressive blueprint for the attainment of the most ancient and noble conquest of Lebensraum or "living-space'', a concept, no doubt at the heart of any great commune or movement that has ever been set forth apon this planet. 

The American Revolution comes to mind here, as this concept, which is the key ingredient  for the balance of a healthy, sound ecology and the survival of the species. In a manner that would be conducive with THE NATURAL ORDER OF THINGS, rather than a destructive force against this very Nature. Such undeniable truths were undoubtedly realized by all founding fathers and is a real and valid concern today now more than ever!  

One can draw parellels here between the biblical children of Ham in search of a promised land and the Deutschlander of the 1930's and 1940's and more importantly, US in the HERE and NOW for we ATWArriors are indeed a Volk ohne Raum- ''a people without a space'',  and unless each and every one of us becomes citizen soldiers to the fullest extent of the word this dream may go off into oblivion ,and with it not only the existence of the human species but the entire planet, which in turn would send such irreversible repercussions into the universe that the entire solar system would lay in peril. The redemption plan begins and ends with the attainment of a living space, and it is only the armed peasant that can and will and must WORK to see that this DREAM become a REALITY for if we fail in this respect there can be no peace, nor will we be afforded the only one true prosperity - that is the reward of living in accord with NATURE. Think about this - if the concept of "living space" was a valid enough concern for so many great and terrible revolutions and world wars of yesterday and obviously was at the forefront of Manson's mindset in the late 1960's, how much more now, at an estimated 10 billion people upon this planet, is the necesitty that such concepts become reality. This can only come through complete and absolute unyielding REVOLUTION in thought, in word and in deed - THE ONLY WAY THERE WILL EVER BE PEACE ON EARTH IS TO BE AT PEACE WITH EARTH  (ATWA WEHRBAUER). 
- Mac Bloscaidh
September 2011

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