23 November 2011

November Report: Music

Charles Manson Music Blog

Starting this November, I will be reporting things moving in and around ATWA, this first report is about Charles Manson's Music. 
The Charles Manson Music Blog has a new administrator and is in the process of being regenerated so keep an eye there. The blog features news about Charles Manson's music as well as several free downloads of the various out of print albums and bootlegs various people have put out over the years.

'Horsefly' by Charles Manson

There are two new Manson releases out, 'Horsefly' a 7'' collectors item in an elaborate presentation with a gatefold sleeve and inserts which was put together by the Zou. this recording is sixteen minutes and sixteen seconds, unedited. A beautifully intense moment marked in time. The bone colored limited edition version has already sold out but you can still order the black vinyl version directly from the Zou. 

'Trees' by Charles Manson

'Trees' the second installment in the Air, Trees, Water, Animals series released by Magic Bullet, 'Air' is also available from Magic Bullet Records. i have not seen or heard trees yet.

Death in June
In an interview with Death in June regarding their last album 'A Peaceful Snow', Douglas P. mentions Charles Manson and ATWA:
'' Some are beyond redemption – and illumination. They truly walk the track of the hunted strewn with mines and booby traps of their own making and I look forward to watching them become ever more crippled and disabled. Dogs of the lowest order eating their own shit don’t deserve any photos. Certainly it’s not something I’d like to see in public. Does anyone? The lying, deceitful, coarse and vulgar display themselves for what they truly are so don’t need any help from me. Charlie Manson would ‘X’ people from his Life which, as history has shown, was very effective. Besides ATWA it was another good idea of his. Charlie certainly had a few.'' 
- Douglas P., Death in June
Thanks to Douglas for mentioning ATWA and for decades of devotion to his music and vision.
That's all for November, we welcome in December as Autumn turns to Winter.
- Hawk

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