18 August 2009


 "Whatever you do is up to you and it's the same thing with anyone in my family, and my family is a white human being, because my family is of the white family... We have to find ourselves first, God second, and kind, k-i-n-d, come next. And that is all I was doing. I was working on cleaning up my house, something Nixon should have been doing. He should have been on the side of the road picking up his children. But he wasn't. He was in the White House sending them off to war."
- Charles Manson

Sound somewhat Third Position? That excerpt from Manson's trial testimony should be enough to convince anyone to take another look at the underlying philosophy behind the "family"; this message of putting the house in order is precisely the goal of much of the Racialist movement today, and Manson was living in the late Sixties. It was because he was doing exactly this that the left-wingers, excepting a revolutio,nary cast in their own mold, abandoned him, and Manson was left behind to be the "mean man in can"; a part he plays adeptly. It's a role everyone learns as a child when taught the limits of acceptable behavior. A role Manson understands well, and plays knowingly. It's a part pounded home early by twelve years in reform school, followed by another seven "for a thirty-seven dollar check." Having been brought up in prisons, Manson is the consummate outsider. He saw the contradictions between what the system practiced and what was being preached, and he connected with a generation in which kids were thrown away on an unprecedented scale. Thus, the Manson family embarked on an exploration of White tribal existence, albeit one tainted by the time period. 

Manson needn't be cast as Fuhrer, whetever the appellation denotes hero and villain, but he must be looked to as a visionary. His words are important, and there is much to be learned from his exemple; abandoned by the Left, he was ignored by those in whom he should have found natural allies, until James Manson discovered that he was much more than media would have the public believe. The Manson case is reflective of the larger ongoing debates over races and guns. The system tried to set Manson up as an example not to follow, but now more and more people are following his course - perhaps without realizeing just Manson was doing out in the desert. People are waking up to the truths he understood and questioning the fundamental assumptions around which this society is based, particularly in light of the course taken in the years since Manson's sentencing. Currently, the same tactics are being used to discredit racialists, especially in the wake of the Oklahoma City bombing. However, moving beyond the scare tactics of the ideological war, it is becoming more and more evident that the system is in exactly the fix Manson predicted would come to pass: "Faces off- in 21 years I never met no one in the press who wanted to know the truth beyond words. our vocabulary starts in prison. new words begin in the underworld - your world out there is dying and it's smaller than my world in here." A fundemental lesson in Political Science deals with the legitimacy of a particular form of government, and excessive reliance on coercive measures to keep the regime in power indicates a lack of legitimacy: "California has the third-largest penal system in the world, following China and the United States as a whole: 125,842 prisoners at the last official count." (Davis) The example of California may well be a reflection of the future trends in U.S. as a whole. How much longer could such a system last in which so many are being educated in the same truths evident to Manson? Many are waking up to them in the schools: a less extreme institution of social coersion, certainly, but one which is becoming increasingly alienating. The ratio of the disenfranchised to those who believe in the system is growing daily; the proof is in the headlines rather than in advertisements, and the truth gets uglier daily. Acknowledgement of system failures is no longer confined to the so-called "extremes". Manson's vision is being vindicated : living in yesterday's prisons gave him a clear-sighted vision of the destiny coming down presently. He wanted out of that society, and a few will blame him now: the writing on the prison walls is visible to much of America. Most "truths" being sold in the media are no longer proving satisfactory. Consistently it is said that racists or murderers or soldiers dehumanize their "victims", but how are these people dealt with? they are dehumanized in the press. Enemies are portrayed as insane, as stupid, and ridiculed. It camouflages their message behind a wall of "correctness" as well as serving to dehumanize. whether this is hypocrisy or human nature matters little: It is successful tactic. In Siege, James Manson recounts the fact that the Manson folk and he expected the worst from each other, only to find that they were in much the same position. This is the result of the success of the capitalist system in co-opting dissent and keeping the outsiders atomized and distrustful of one another. This is done in the name of "objective truth", the formula for which the "legitimate" media enjoys a supposed monopoly. But there will never be a monopoly on truth, nor two sides to every story. 

There are a myriad of ways to interpret any one or any event, and this is all but ignored by a media hell-bent on maintaining the status quo. With the sword of media firepower trained on Manson, how could the lies and negative images have no effect? Unfortuately, such tactics work on those in a position to learn from him and, possibly, help him. A hard look at the facts in the Manson case will reveal the extent of the power of hearsay when it has the blacking of the system. The same is true of the treatment of David Lane and any number of others. If they want you, they'll get you, and they'll ignore their own laws to do it. No blood is on Charlie's hands, but he is an icon of evil trotted out on occasion - he ranks in infamy with the likes of Bundy, Speck, or any other number of ghouls. It's quite likely he's more infamous, even, than these men who did have blood on their hands. How could this have happened when all of the more damning evidence is hearsay - testimony of those trying to save their own asses or spurious accusations made by attorneys or authors out to make money? Prosecutor Vince Bugliosi mentions thirty-five killing linked to the Manson family , but offers no concrete proof. Nor did Ed Sanders, who is forced to omit baseless accusations against the Process Church from the second edition of The Family. Still, Sanders insists he will be vindicated, that all of the rumors he printed were true, and that proof of this is forthcoming. Bugliosi states: "It's become like some Kennedy-Assassination thing... People with theories about the murders and Manson." Funny that he is working on a book about the assassination, as well as a new edition of his best-seller Helter Skelter. The rumor mill is big business. However, if all of the lies and hearsay were true, his example is still one to follow. First, the targets were important, and the case still makes headlines. Celibrities make better targets than street black people and other rabble. Few care that such people are out of the way save the relatives and friends of the victims. The system can replace any number of drones. There is still hysteria in Hollywood over the Tate murders. The August 1995 issue of Spy Magazine has a list of quotes from celibrities who were "supposed to have been there" the night of the Tate murders. Second, should all come crashing down tomorrow, on whom can you depend? Will friends of yours sell you down the river in an attempt to escape the inevitable crucifixion in public opinion? Or will all stick to their guns regardless? chances are good that seemingly loyal comrades will sell you out fro christ, mom, and apple pie- anything to get right with people whom they can never be reconciled. Susan Atkins broke first, and what did she get for it? Two books and Jesus, but no freedom and no respect - from herself or others. The public will always hold her in contempt as will those she sold out. Her situation is worse than that of Manson, who has self-respect. He hasn't broken, and he has become a symbol of defiance because of that. A symbol which resonates with outsiders in unprecedented numbers: outsiders the system would like to remain atomized and without vision. Many who identify with Manson may well move on to read Resistance and like publications, especially now that the Universal Order is receiving the attention that it deserves. But the media campaign of cowerdice, stupidity, and lies is ongoing and largely successful, even among people who profess to have no faith in the mainstream media or the system. The anti-Manson sentiment is so strong that people who've never even met the man, but have simply identified or agreed with statements he has made are being forced to backpedal and distance themselves from him. These individuals can no longer suck energy from Manson and are lost: as lost as the Geraldo's who try to pick fights with him to make a name for themselves; a lost as the Axl Roses's and the Genesis P-Orridge's who use his image and then "explain" or "clarify" their intentions. Siding with Charley to any extent is equivalent to Holocaust revisionism in the eyes of the public. The extend of the persecution is such that the system stooges won't even let Manson sign his name: "They say that signing my name is causing too much trouble. It's making too much money." While Manson will not see any of this money he is supposedly generating, O.J. Simpson, likely a man with blood on his hands, is encouraged to sign autographs. He is encouraged to write books and wear expensive suits to court. the only truth to be gleaned from comparison of the two trials is that money talks, regardless of the situation- regardless of blood. Manson was aware of the fact that his kind had already sold their souls, and sold them cheap. That he wears no political badges shouldn't so obscure his position that like-minded folk deem him unworthy of support or fail to glean from him the wisdom that is his to impart. Such means victory for the system to which we are all opposed, and which has declare war on us all alike. Such a potent ally cannot be discounted, but deserves any help which can be offered.

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