29 August 2012

Drugs, Power and Sanity, Charles Manson's Letter to Ronald Reagan

Universal Order pamphlet entitled:
 Charles Manson: Drugs, Power & Sanity.
In 1986 Ronald Reagan declared the ''War on Drugs'',  Charles Manson responded to Reagan in the following letter which was reprinted in the Universal Order pamphlet ''Drugs, Power and Sanity''. The pamphlet also contained a letter to a journalist in San Rafael, California, near where Manson was then incarcerated at San Quentin.  Both letters are reprinted here as a mark in history.

U.S. President Ronald W. Reagan
1600 Pennsylvania Ave.
Washington D.C.
August, 1986

The government didn’t beat the moonshine still, and whiskey has power just as coffee and tobacco do. Uncle Jess from Kentucky said, when I was a child, that the government would end up with whiskey in stores and would run the stills because people in government were the big crooks. I tell you what he said and I say this:  You’re not going to beat drugs. I was in prison before people came to prison for drugs.  I saw the government make the problem. From your foundation, you can’t help the people that don’t want help. You’ve got to go with the will of the people, or lose heart within your own government. You’re going to rip it apart and waste a lot of money.

Your war should be against pollution, and for putting trees back before you lose the air, water and wildlife. Take over the drugs and use their power to move people to work on CCC projects. Put the trees back fast, before the pollution destroys all life. I saw it dying in Death Valley. That’s why Krishna Venta blew himself up in 1949 at the Fountain of the World in Box Canyon, California, when the Feather River Project cut off his fountains of water off.

Plants and herbs that you call drugs have more power than you understand.  All the distorted thoughts and rules make problems worse.  Here is a story:  Two men are in a cell.  One said he wanted to die and was going to kill himself.  The other said he wouldn’t let him.  So the first guy killed the other one, and then himself.  If people want to eat shit, you can’t stop them without going with them.

No one even knew what drugs were until Mr. Anslinger told everyone what not to take.  Cops teaching kids what not to do, only shows them what they can do if they want to go against someone.  And you put a bunch of fools who only know what the books say…  No new game, honor or purpose.  Some of the meanest fighting men in history got high before they went into battle.  Remember why the .45 caliber gun was put into service?

You can take a pile of rocks and use them to build a house, or you can take the same pile and start a war.  Tell children not to throw rocks, make rules against picking up rocks, and then make them mad.  Keep projecting what not to do, and you can make the thought in their brains of what can and will be done.

Before the U.S. had a government, the monks sat on top of the grapes, the wine, Buddhists and other monks had the poppies and flowers of power under control.  Control must be in order and order must be in truth.  And when in truth, you can face the problem as it is, not through distorted judgements.  Roots and herbs are part of life, things not known but by a few.   One day all you space cases will face the Earth dying under your feet.  We saw the water out of balance with the land at the Fountain of the World, and the old man in Death Valley told me the same, after I got out from 17 years of service to the truth in government hallways.  I’m the last guy in line, but I’ve got all the thoughts for the balance of order and peace with a one world government, if we all are to survive.

I want a telephone and the charge to call anyone … or simply a courtroom with the rights I was denied 17 years ago.


Charles Milles Manson

Theresa Allen
Independent Journal

The conflict in your leader's head is reflecting in the will of the people. Drugs are not a problem by themselves but in the way people are dealing with them. I was in prison before they sent people to prison for drugs. Possession of drugs was not a crime. Few even knew what they were. Then a man named Ansliger got a job with the government and built his own importance up by teaching everyone about drugs; by teaching how not to deal with drugs, what not to do, he showed people what to do and people learned about drugs. The government had already outlawed beer and it didn't work. Neither would prohibition of drugs.
Old, fat uninformed people who have a death wish, start programs in the name of helping people. Your schools are prisons. The money is paying some people to destroy the will of the rest, and all in the name of help. They will not face the real problems and will make up problems to suit their own thinking and paychecks. For example: pollution of Air and Water is covered up by campaigns saying, "Don't smoke or chew tobacco''. But if five hundred people are in prison for willing the saving of Air, Trees, Water and Animals (ATWA), for trying to redeem rivers and lakes, they are called crazy and covered up by the people who run for office in the name of redeeming the rivers, lakes, trees and wildlife.
In 1967 or 1968, we of the so-called ''Manson Family'' started the spectrum of colors into thought chambers related to the colors of the sky, earth, water, fire, plants, flowers, animals, bugs, sea life and so on. The people who ran for office in the name of Rainbow have been covering this up, lying and covering the truth, for a job or money. How do we tell millions of people that their lifestyle must change? Cars must stop. No more trees cut. Paper waste is your life and the ones that love life on Earth must stop. People who are locked into lifestyles that destroy Earth and destroy anyone who tells them the truth about it... and many don't even understand why. You've got millions of people doing things only for the appearance and feeling of importance.
The Earth is dying, we tried to tell you this twenty years ago but no one hears life on Earth. They want it in outer space. Some even call the love of Earth evil and not in the will of God. Their ''will of God" is: die and go to some place in the sky.
I never went to school but I'm not dumb. I've been in a cage of one kind or another for over forty years. From 1943 to 1954 I was told, ''You've got no rights until your age twenty-one''. I'm fifty-one and I've still got no rights. The laws of people are now just cover-ups over the will of God.
Your money is in trouble because you waste money on programs and jobs that are only made up to make people feel important. Only a one world government will redeem ATWA on Earth. I've been hooking that thought up for years. In other words, the only way anyone can live on Earth is one world under the last person. I am the last and bottom line; you will all do what I say or there will be nothing.
In 1969 I told the court to give up an old game and I would fix it and start new. But that was 1969. Now you must suffer a lot more to balance and first, people must want to survive but are so brainwashed that they don't even see the real needs for the balance of will and life.
Charles Manson

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