03 October 2009


In response to a comment demonstrating ignorance left on the ATWA YouTube page for 'Echoes of Honor':
The first means of maintaining natural order is to become aware of all the lies you have been taught by the artificial order, through programming. Parentage, schools, friends, opinions, society, fashion, popular belief, the powerful profit controlled media, and so on, are what have MADE you. It doesn't take all day to look at a horseshoe.

TV and status quo have lulled your mind into a clonish surrender. A lazy hypno-slumber. "The Last Man". And all of your truths, your realities, are but an illusion. A charade. A comfortability.
You pass on judgments in the same way you are told them, in a non-factual blurb, lacking substance, rational thought or questioning. You "know not what you do". You are locked in a proverbial death urge that IS the present culture.
You MAY grow in your mind to come to the realizations that dawn upon those who have intelligence. But this is not something the meek can very easily achieve. Finding the center of ones self is for the honored few. Those with strength and merit. Those who must destroy a world in order to be born anew. It is rarely a choice. It is destiny.

Your question of what ATWA has done for the environment I see as hollow, mere sarcasm... A mouth uttering something, or in this case, fingers typing something. All for a reaction. Because you're scared. Scared of what you don't understand.
"How can people revere, defend, or Love the Charles Manson I just saw on my TV "program"?"
You are ruled, and controlled, by fear, as a child is controlled. Just because you can say, or type, "fuck" and other macho ranting does not make you a man.
What can anyone do for the Air Trees Water and Wildlife, except KNOW what to do from within ones self and circle? What is paramount is "becoming aware", acting according to this awareness in all that you do, and helping others to become aware of centuries of lies, exploitation, greed, and cowardice.
Are you aware that you have no rights? Just as Charles Manson had no rights in a court of law, you won't either. Your children will have even less. Are you aware that the water is running out? You already have to pay for it and you'll be paying much more very soon when it is gone. Are you aware that every stream in the united states is contaminated with carcinogens, as is every mothers breast milk? That no rivers reach the oceans they used to reach due to damming? In order to bring television "programming" into your home? The air is polluted to no end. Are you aware of that? 214,000 acres are deforested every day. Ancient forests slaughtered so you can wipe your ass. Trees that provide oxygen to every living thing on this Earth. What is any body doing about these things? Species that balance our earth are becoming extinct at a heinous rate. At least 50,000 species of animal and plant disappear each year, mostly due to human activity. Are you aware of "exploitation"? Are you aware that you, just as I, are the cause and the effect of exploitation? Are you even aware, that there is an indigenous universal balance which some have termed "GOD"?
Your smart ass question should have been, "What are WE doing for the environment?" ATWA is a movement from within that represents the elemental balance of ALL life's sustainability and survival on this planet. A movement as natural as breathing. It is a motion that is every sentient beings unalienable right.

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