21 October 2009

The Judge

''In the Masonic esoteric truth, the judge is Jesus Christ; the jury is the twelve disciples. In the body of Christ the judge holds the universe. He holds the head. The judge is supposedly the servant of the people, the will of the people. That's what the Constitution is for, why all those people died in those battlefields, all those people in Arlington Cemetery. That's why they gave their LIVES -- so that the Constitution would be a reality. So that the children of the United States could live in "the home of the free". That's supposed to be REAL according to all those people that died in those battlefields''.
 - Charles Manson


valhallagirl said...

I never thought of this. Charlie teaches me something new almost daily. Thank you for sharing his thoughts and words. They have helped me on a personal level in many ways.


valhallagirl said...

Charlie teaches me something new almost every single day. Thank you so very much for posting his thoughts and wisdom. My life has been changed forever. He is a political prisoner! The young people ARE waking up. I love you Charlie and wish I could help you because you deserve you physical freedom. Somehow I hope you can know how much I do love and care.

I'll do my best for ATWA!

Love always and forever,


ALIKEN said...

Charlie you're such an amazing human being. You have been thru hell and back & have given so much of yourself to a world that's given you nothing, that's condemned you to a cage for the past 40 years for a crime you didn't commit & who's made you their devil, their bad guy but yet you continue to give & continue to care for that world & that is enough to bring shame to my soul & tears to my eyes. I gave my life to fight & die for this piece of paper called the constitution & when I think of all this country has done to you I ask myself why would I fight & die for something that's been so denied to you & so many others? So many men like myself have laid down their lives & some never had the chance to come home, to walk on their own land a free soul ever again & YOU ARE ONE OF THOSE MEN! YOU ARE THE LARGEST CASUALTY OF WAR & THE BIGGEST INJUSTICE IN AMERICAN HISTORY HAS BEEN DONE UNTO YOU & FOR THAT I AM SHAMED. SHAMED TO HAVE FOUGHT FOR SOMETHING DENIED TO YOU...YOUR 6TH AMMENDMENT RIGHT, YOUR CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS! YOU WILL ALWAYS BE MY ULTIMATE WARRIOR, MY GENERAL & MOST OF ALL MY HERO! .....I KNOW YOU HATE WHEN I SAY THIS & YOU SAY I MAKE YOU FEEL LIKE A SCHOOL GIRL BUT I'LL NEVER STOP TELLING YOU HOW MUCH I LOVE YOU! I LOVE YOU NOW & I'LL LOVE YOU FOREVER....

AtwaForward said...

Thousands upon Thousands have indeed given their breath to a beautiful idea that has been twisted and distorted by the very system they died to protect.
That draft of release from tyranny, thenConstitution, has now become a grave in those cemeteries of fallen freedoms.
The judge sits on his throne casting not the will of the people of light and truth anymore, but the will of corporations, religious institutions and the imperial god of currency; money for life, no matter how many creatures die.