11 November 2009


''...Its just a matter of coming to the realization that everything is NOW... Breathing in... and Breathing out. I've got the whole world breathing in and breathing out. And I've been a hundred million years getting that done. And that's my will. and I'm God. And I don't care if you don't like it, or don't accept it. It doesn't matter. I could drop this body right here and go on and be a thousand stars..." -Charles Manson 
Charles Milles Manson was born today 75 years ago on 11-11-1934 to Ada Kathleen Maddox and William Manson. It is often stated that Manson was born ''No Name Maddox'', this is absolutely false, no record states "No Name Maddox". Charles Manson was born ''Charles Milles Maddox''. 

'I started visiting my mother in jail when I was just barely walking. When she got out she came and got me from a foster home and took me and put me in the boys' school. So I been military raised.''  -Charles Manson 

''My grandfather told my grandmother that -- in World War One -- he was standing on a dead body and he seen a Bible in the guy's pocket. And he reached down and he got the Bible and he opened it up. And there was the man's picture with his wife and his kids, two, three children, you dig? And he had a chain with a cross on it. And he looked at the cross, and he looked down and he seen himself. He said, "What am I doing fighting my brother?" ... He came back and told my Grandmother, "I was fighting my brothers and I don't even know why." -Charles Manson 

Grandson of Charles Milles Maddox, conductor of the B&O Railroad and Nancy Loraine Ingram Maddox, a devout Nazarene Christian, both from Morehead Kentucky. Manson was born during the hardest times of the Great Depression. His mother went to prison for strongarm robery when he was a child so much of his early years were spent with his Granparents in Kentucky and his Aunt and Uncle in West Virginia.

''I'm not surrendering my soul. I'm not surrendering my father. I'm not giving up my dad, you know. My dad drinks scotch whiskey and plays the bagpipes -- does what he wants to do, you know. I ain't gonna surrender that. And they tell me, "Your dad's dead." My dad never dies, man. There ain't no such thing as death.'' - Charles Manson

Manson is a Scottish surname of Viking origin, the anglicised version of the Scandinavian name Magnusson, meaning son of Magnus. Magnus was a common name among the Scandinavian aristocracy. Magnus, meaning "Great" in Latin (i.e. magnificent), gained wider currency during the Middle Ages, when various European nations, and their royal houses, introduced it upon being converted to Latin-speaking Catholic Christianity. This was especially the case with Scandinavian royalty and nobility. As a Scandinavian forename, it was inspired by the ruler of the Franks, Charlemagne whose Latin name was "Carolus Magnus" and understood in Old Norse as magn-hús, "house of might/power". The word ''magnus'' is rooted in the Proto-Indo-European "Mag" which is from where words such as magic, magi, magus, magnitude, magistrate etc. derive.

''...Got Children in the darkness where the highlander rolls, got knights in the battles of the shadows of my soul...'' - Charles Manson

Manson's blood is Scottish and Irish, he is of the Clan Gunn a clan hailing from with northeastern Scotland, in the regions of Caithness, Sutherland and the Orkney Islands. The origins of Clan Gunn stretch over the sea to Norway, as the Clan Gunn themselves are descended from the legendary Sweyn Asleifsson, known as the 'Ultimate Viking' and the progenitor of the clan, his grandson Gunni, is the "namefather" of Clan Gunn. The clan is an armigerous clan, without a chief.
''I'm a military child. All the retired people of all the wars have always raised me. The uniform is my father. So I believed that we had rights in a courtroom, and that all we had to do was take our problems to the judge and he'd fix it. Because I felt that the judge was the authority, was God, was our father, was the military, was the country.'' -Charles Manson 
Today is Veterans Day in the United States of America (and Armistice Day in many parts of the world). Our Fathers, Grandfathers, Great Grandfathers, died in the battlefields to preserve our rights  supposedly guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States of America. Charles Manson's father died in the battlefield to protect and preserve the rights Manson was not granted when his Constitutional 14th Amendment right to represent himself In Propria Persona was taken away in the People of California v. Manson in 1970.
''You go into a graveyard and look at all the martyrs of the heart, all the men that gave their lives for god and country, and then you come and say, "Where did Charlie go wrong?" Did Charlie go wrong? Or was the ocean of the spiritual movement in the world to bring change to this planet? Did it start before Charlie was born and everybody else was wrong?
The President of the United States is supposedly the leader of us all. Well, you can't pick me for the leader of the family and then give Nixon immunity. He killed a lot more people than Charlie did.'' - Charles Manson
Charles Manson, who's ancestors and family members are on record as fighting in the American Revolution for Independence, the U.S. Civil War, World War I, World War II, the Korean War was denied his Constitutional Right to defend himself in a court of law and subsequently given the death penalty for murders he did not commit and was never accused of committing. The death penalty in the state of California was overturned and Manson was sentenced to  life with possibility of parole.
Charles Manson has been unjustly imprisoned for the last 40 years. Previous to his last release from prison on the Spring Equinox in 1967, Manson had already served 22 years locked behind bars since he set the schoolhouse on fire at 9 years old. He was raised by Veterans of World War I and World War II. At 13 he was placed in the Gibault school for boys, he continued to be placed in several institutions throughout  the 1940's and early 1950's for burglary, car theft and escaping most of the institutions in which he was placed. Some of the places where Manson lived during these times were Natural Bridge Honor Camp , National Training School for Boys in Washington DC, Federal Reformatory, Petersburg Federal Reformatory, Chillicothe Federal Reformatory. Manson was raised primarily by retired veterens who worked in these institutions. President Nixon who declared Manson guilty "directly or indirectly'' was a lawyer and knew what he was doing was illegal.
Manson has served a total of over 62 years in prisons and institutions. More than any living U.S. citizen. He has spent his entire life with rebels, revolutionaries, veterans and warriors, judges and guards. 
He's endured Hell, his rights taken away, his children taken away, his music stolen and destroyed, his ranch burnt down, his mail stolen, his friends forbidden to see him, locked in the hole, poisoned, sprayed with chemicals, beaten, his ribs broken and his teeth knocked out, tied to four-point restraints, set on fire, lied about in the media for 40 years and ripped of by the cursed Hollywood and rock stars.  But Charles Manson has SURVIVED, standing in the fires of eternity. he is universal brother to all men who have given their lives in service to TRUTH, HONOR AND JUSTICE.
Today is the day for honoring Charles Willis Milles Maddox Mac Manson for his sacrifice, struggle, dedication, insight, courage, inspiration, love and for being REAL ON THE WHEEL.
-  Hawk 

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