20 November 2009

Empty Faces

A letter from Charles Manson on people who lie:
The opinion of a circle of people that lie are just so many empty faces. At one time, people would die before they would lie, but nowadays anyone that is truthful is looked at as dumb and even a foolish clown in the eyes of the children. Lying is the U.S. way of life and in just a few years it all turned sour. We expect crooks to lie, but only an honest non-lying crook can make it in crime. In drug deals and such, your word must be good or you die. On the other hand, to be high in the government or run for office you must lie. The whole thing in politics is to trick the public. I knew when Nixon said " I'm not a crook " that he was going to hide and push more blame off on crooks ... God's justice, Man's justice and Money justice : The people who make the rules make them because they spend their lives running in circles, breaking them...They break all the rules they make, tell lies, cover up and then make a whole new set and so the vortex keeps going. If I could find out what visiting rules were, it would be a neat trick. I see a few cops going by, but it's hard to get anyone to look me in the eye, much less talk for over 30 seconds. Fear and guilt at this level is high. They make me look bad so that it makes them look good.. .the more wrong they do to me, the more they cover up. God's justice comes into play and they have car crashes, broken legs, hearts stop, but money picks up another wave of dish washers and people that can't do much else and if I told you the rules, by the time you got here, they would change them if they didn't like your hat or if you had on shoes that look funny or whatever. Then if you did come, I would be put in chains and lead around where others had no chains.. .by some little five foot tall girl who has been here two weeks or something like that. In short, my life would be put on the line, being led through a mainline handcuffed ... at the same time I'm kept locked up from a mainline, telling the public they worry for my safety. They don't expect all to be lawabiding citizens... that would put them out of work. They need crime and fear to charge the public for protection. It's you who pay for and need protection. And after they lie to you and tell you how bad I am and they feel guilty and feel I'm after them and it's them who need the protection, then I get mad at citizens for paying the crooks to kill me so they can feel safe from their own lies, then it's back to you. It keeps going in a circle until I'm killed, then they go to church and say how God gave his only son. They say we didn't kill C.M., because the judge fucked up on a few little rules. I would have walked out the door, but there was too much money to be made and to convict one asshole for 900 million dollars, they sold the public this mad man and worked to make me into that and destroyed me, and in God's justice it does reflect back in and on the circular wheel that everyone runs on. The news has everyone hating me and trying to kill me. I've been the last chicken in line and each time the circle goes by, it makes more fear, more guilt and all the rules are broken and more madness and when I do die, a new religion and the balance of get backs won't leave much flesh. Man's justice has been lost to money's justice and who won't lie for 400 million dollars? Just one book made $12.50 per copy and that sold 27 million copies times $12.50, not counting paperback and movies, etc. Had I any money, I wouldn't be in a cage but they even passed laws saying I can't make any dollars. - Charles Manson

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