26 July 2013

Charles Manson - Cause and Reason

Charles Manson
Cehere Knowu,
The winds blow from the corners of the universe in the gentle whispers of a love beyond the frail body of person…the credit or blame, cause or reason. 
Can you give one all the credit and none of the blame – or say one is to blame with none of the credit? Man who says why must have a reason. Is man the cause of all things or the reason? If you see bad and good, then is not your mind in two pieces? Can you know happy and not know sorrow? Or is it within you to be your own blame, excuse, cause, reason, why's and because? Are you because? If I'm the blame, am I then not also the reason? If I'm the cause am I not also the because and why and words in excuses for doing? If I am all the bad, can I know it and also have another side? 
Could you in truth say why and in turn say I am because and the reason cause as well as if I were to ask you why and you smiled and said to me all we really have is each other or nothing? Without you I have no cause, reason, excuses or purpose. You are the one that you see in me.
I'm a servant and witness of love, faith, truth and trust.
Charles Manson


Don Thieme said...

Easy, my brother.

Don Thieme said...

Easy does it, my brother.