27 July 2013

The United States of America was a Beautiful Rain Forest

''You've destroyed a whole rain forest. This United States of America was a beautiful rain forest. All those dams - those Hoover dams and Tennessee Valley Authorities that you've got running up and down the water, that's why the dam water's so fucked up now is all them aqueducts and those artificial lakes and rivers that they create for those shopping malls and to water their automobiles down. They've created an artificial environment on the planet with that industrial revolution and its killing all the life on Earth.''
- Charles Manson

Awhile back I had the experience of visiting Hendy Woods California State Park. The Majestic Redwoods at Hendy, like all Redwoods are something that must be viewed in real life to understand their truly impressive magnificence, no photo can capture their beauty. 

California Redwood
Hendy Woods like many state parks in California, is under threat to be closed, I encourage like-minded people to visit our state and national parks in a respectful manner and to find out the status of parks in your area, most parks gladly accept much needed donations and volunteer help with cleaning up trash, removing vandalism, helping with wildlife rescue, repairs etc.

Below are a few more photos from Hendy, if you visit one of the great historic parks in your area and would like to share your photos and impressions here on the blog, send them to orderofatwa@gmail.com


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